Sunday, September 14, 2008

The last few weeks have been really busy. Between working, and getting the kids ready for school.

Then, school started........

I've had the hardest time ever, readjusting to the structure of the school season. Getting up early is a killer. Not just for me, but, for the boys, too. 6am comes so fast. The alarm goes off, and, I have to admit, I hit the snooze for a good 30 minutes some mornings. Luckily, 30 minutes is enough time for the boys to get up, get dressed, eat, and brush their teeth. Then, we are out the door at 7am.

I drop them off, and come back home to get myself ready for work. I've been fighting off that incredibly delicious urge to drop back into bed and sleep some more. I get out, and do what needs to be done. We've been going to bed pretty early, though. The boys are both asleep by 10:30 the latest each night.

Jen is usually asleep by 11:00. She has two long days of classes, and two shorter days. But, her classes are much more intensive this semester. Lot's of reading. Way more than last year. Plus, she's taking French, and Italian, Journalism 101, a math class, Western Civilization II, hmm...something else. I think there are six classes.

I'm in bed, and reading, and usually asleep before 11pm most nights. Obviously, tonight isn't one of those nights.. But, it won't be much past 11 before I'm asleep. I am tired - this weekend was pretty busy.

On Saturday night I went out with my friends to the movies. Afterwards, we went for dessert. We saw "The Women". It wasn't that bad. Wasn't super great. Kind of strange to see a movie with NO men. None, zip, zilch. I don't even recall seeing a single man in any crowd scene, or street scene. /shrug.

We had dessert at the Grand Luxe Cafe. Very nice place - we had lot's of fun. I got home just past midnight. Jen got home a little while after me. The boys were on the computers keeping busy.

I had my hair cut, and colored. The cut is nice, my hair is growing back pretty fast. I'm glad. Not that I hated it cut short, but, it was short, and now, I want to go back to a longer length. :op I can't ever make up my mind. LOL. I've also gone back to my hair being somewhat red. I'll let you know, my roots are SO white, that the red is pretty intense at root level - we're going to soften that up a bit, I think. Too much stress in the past years - now that the stress in my life is pretty low - I'm hoping that the grey will slow down...but, probably not. Oh well.

Anyway - time for this tired one to get ready for bed.