Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It seems that we are finally getting some nice weather.

On Tuesday, it was 69 degrees. Today, it was around 60. Tomorrow, it will be in the 50's, but, that's still better than freezing. It's funny, though, that March can bring such a huge range in temperatures. Maybe we'll see spring stay around, or, maybe old man winter will blast us a good storm for a last winter hurrah.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Somebody STOP me!!!

I've spent the last 3 hours organizing scrapbooking supplies.

Yeah, right. Tell yourself that, Sirene. :P

I have another several hours worth of organizing to do. Next job, will be to empty out the closet and get rid of the junk in there. I'm going to get a tall bookcase, and put it in the closet for additional space to organize and store my pictures, and magazines/idea books.

I have SO much stuff......I am putting myself on a spending freeze. The only thing I will purchase is adhesive, and solid color cardstock if necessary. I told all three kids to remind me all the time, especially when we are out, that I promised I wouldn't buy anything new to use.

The hardest test, will be when I go scrapbooking with my friends at the store, and I see all the new product, BUT, I have to be good. It's a waste to buy anything new, when I have so very much already.

I'm going to try, though. I have to be good. Really.


I'm looking into moving my son's level 37 warrior off of my account, to the other account that we have. That way, he can play that character with me. So, in light of this, I'm going to work on leveling up my priest. She's currently shy of level 33. At least then we can play together doing some fun stuff. He doesn't get that much time to play, but, with summer coming up - he'll get more time than usual.

I've also asked customer service if someone who has the US version of the game living in Europe can play on the US servers, and the answer is yes. *yay* I'm not sure where the information came from that it wasn't possible, and was even an offence worthy of banning. I am glad that this is incorrect, though.

Anyway - I'm going to go through the backpacks on my priest and make some room for questing. Her Robe of Power is also ready for her to ding 33. :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Things are starting to look up!

So, my daughter had to work on Sunday. She didn't want to go. She said that she was going to go in and tell them, "I quit!", and walk out. But - I made her get up, and go to work. I told her not to quit, to just try it one more day, see what happens. That was at 10am. When I went to get her at 3pm, I was really *really* worried about what I'd be met with when she walked out the door of the store.

I was greeted by the best thing - a huge smile as she came out the door. She was beaming, and my heart soared. A mother wants to see happiness on the face of her child. She got in the car, and was so happy, she opened 2 credit applications, and the day went so smoothly. Yay!!

Today she had to work again, too. Again, wondering what state she would be in when I picked her up at 8pm....and again, smiles and happiness. She said that she rang for about an hour, and then she went to work in the children's department (which was my department when I was there, I was the lead for Infants/Toddlers). So, another great night.

Whew....thank goodness!

I told her that each day would get better, and if she has to ring, it isn't really that bad. It's usually slow, unless there is a big sale - a % off promo, or for every $50 you spend, get a $10 cash card, etc...those are the busy days. It's great money for a 17yo. She's not going to make over $7 an hour anywhere else, and in three months, she'll be making almost $8 an hour. That's great money.

So, I'm happy. I have a happy child. :)
*claws retract*

Saturday, March 24, 2007

They made her cry...again


Picked Jen up from work at 9pm, and all I can say is....what the hell is wrong with this guy? I'm not going to have my daughter in tears every time she works with this man. So, when we got home, I called him. Told him that I didn't appreciate my daughter coming home from work in tears the last two nights she worked there.

She's going to move to a 'department', and get off the register. I think it's best for now. She's just not cut out to push credit, and she's way too sensitive. She's going to have to toughen up a bit. Okay, a lot.


Wouldn't it be nice...

Hoping to attend CKC - Buffalo in June.

See here

I think it would be great getaway for a few days. Just before all the craziness of the prom sets in the following week. I know that Jen is gonna be stressing out big time...and I just might need to get a way for a few days at that point. :)

Gotta check on airline and hotel availability.....too bad Southwest doesn't fly out of MacArthur to Buffalo. I'm going to have to hike into JFK for that. Oh well, it's not so bad, just a straight run on the Southern State.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

They made her cry

My daughter had to work tonight. Not so bad, right? Nothing terrible, cashier in the department store. Anyway, she's only had an hour or so of hands on training, they decide to stick her all alone at a register. No one showed her how to use the telephone/intercom system to call for help, and of course....something had to go wrong.

A customer wanted a gift card, and my daughter forgot all the steps to activate one, and she couldn't get it active. The customer asked her if she could call for help, and my daughter started to cry, told the woman that they didn't show her how to use the phone. The customer was so nice, told her not to worry, it wasn't her fault, and not to cry. Then, she went to get help.


I could see, as soon as she got into the car, that something was wrong. Actually, I saw it in her walk, and the look on her face when she came out the door and saw me there waiting for her...I knew it..just knew that something bad had happened. I was ready to get out of the car and go in there and raise hell-o.

But....I can't do that. She's 17, and she's got to learn how to deal with these things. I'm not always going to be there to rescue her. It's her job, and mommy can't go in and fix it all. She has to learn to be assertive, and stick up for herself....and I can only hope she's learned how to do that. I mean, they didn't even give her a break until 7pm, and she was working 4-8.

When she got home, and told her brothers, they gave her hugs, and she let know right there that she was upset....she doesn't allow her brothers to touch her, goodness no!!

They made her cry.....and they better watch out, because if it happens again, I'm not sure I'll be able to just sit back and let her deal with it on her own.

Momma kitty is on the guard. *claws*

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bento Lunches

On the scrapbooking board I go to, someone posted a thread about an article on the bento lunch. Also included, was a website that has pictures of these incredible works of art.

I've been checking online and have found some bento boxes on ebay, but, I'm going to explore further. These look really interesting!! I'd love to learn how to do this. I wish I could read that website, but, that isn't going to happen anytime soon. :(

If anyone has any info related to this, please email me at ladyoceanina{at}hotmail{dot}com.

Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

In the works

I am going to be starting work on my scrapblog. I'll be posting my layouts, and other related projects there. I'll let ya'll get the link once it's ready.

Can't wait to get it up and running!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I got rid of it, and now, I really want to use it...

Don't you hate that? When you have something that you think you'll never use again, so you get rid of it. Then, any number of months later, you say to yourself, wow, I can use XX just for this, only to search high and low, and not find it....finally realizing...that you probably got rid of it. :(

It, in this case, is an orange tall, tall vase that my mom had given me way back when. The only time I used to use it, was during autumn time. Then, it would get put away the rest of the year. The last two years I haven't used it, though. I haven't even thought about it, until tonight. I had purchased some lovely floral stems at Michaels in the fall. They were cheap...very cheap compared to the prices in the spring time. Now, that I want to put them out, I don't have a tall, tall vase. *sigh* I guess I'll have to go buy one. I really wanted to use that vase...I'm sorry I got rid of it. Kind of stupid..... :(

On a lazy Sunday afternoon....

I've been sitting around, in between doing menial household chores. The laundry, the dishes, mating socks *yuck* - checking out my favorite sites on the web,

......logged into WoW, thought I'd play my little blood elf. Logging into that game, doesn't even spark an interest at the current time. It's kind of sad, in a way. I was *so* in love with the game again, when the expansion came out, and now two months later, not so much....not at all. I'm half tempted to cancel my subscription, but, I can't do that. My son has his current favorite on my account. His warrior, who is almost 40. So, I can't cancel on him.

We had talked so much about playing together, and I can't even muster up the interest to play from the beginning, even with him. I feel pretty bad about that. I'm going to have to push myself to do it, not for me, for him. I love that he's so interested in the game, and he knows so much about it. It's really pretty impressive, when someone will ask where a certain item can be found, and he knows the answers. He wants to play today, but, he was on the computer for way too long playing yesterday. So, today, no gaming for him. (The result, is a grumpy, cranky child...withdrawals? hmmmm)

I think I'm going to get my beef stew cooking, and then make a bowl of popcorn and go drag him into watching a chick flick with me. Maybe a DVD, or Titanic, which is on one of the channels starting at 4pm. My other two children are busy with their own things....happy in their rooms.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 16, 2007


As usual....feeling a little better yesterday, I went to work, and did some errands - including that trip to Best Buy. The temperature, when I left the house in the morning, was 63 degrees, by the time I picked my son up from school at 3pm, it was 42....and by the time I got my daughter from work at 7pm, it was 35.....and pouring rain.

So, today? I can't stop sneezing, my nose is all stuffed, my head is pounding, and my body aches like crazy. Typical. I just called to let Marie know that I would pass on scrapbooking today, and she said with the crappy weather, it was fine, she'd just hang around at home and do stuff. But, we made plans for next Friday.

Maybe I'll install my new game (never got to that last night), and check it out. Or, maybe I'll go back to bed until it's time to get the kids at 2pm..... /shrug & *sigh*

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Something new

For some reason or another, even with the updated software from the website, my old router stopped working - suddenly, on Tuesday night. I was browsing the web, and the connection was gone. Cable worked on all computers if hooked up directly, but, as soon as the router was introduced, it was gone. I got a new modem from Cablevision on Wednesday, and tried again, nothing once the router was introduced. I was in no mood to go out again last night after making dinner, so the new router waited til today.

Everything is hooked up, and running perfectly now. :) But, while I was at Best Buy, I decided to take a look at the games. I ended up buying a new game to try out. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It looks interesting, the website has some really nice looking screen shots, and the in game mounts look pretty darned cool. So, why not try something new.

I really enjoy playing WoW, but, now it's all about instance running, to get the key for this or that, or raising rep with whatever faction....*sigh*.... I am just not in the mood for that. I haven't even logged in on Sass to 'play' in about two weeks. I've logged in to look at how great the game looks with my new computer, and it looks wonderful. But - if a few days go by with not logging in, I don't even care.

So, after I pick Jen up from work, I'm going to install this game, get it updated if necessary, and give it a try. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007



I haven't been this sick in a long time. I had an ear infection back in January, but, still felt ok. This cold is kicking my rear. My eyes keep tearing, and the sneezing actually hurts. My throat hurts, this cough is hurting, my body aches. Did I mention I hurt in there somewhere?

Ugh...being sick sucks.

Heading to the store to get more tissues and cold meds.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Things are moving along

First, my computer works beautifully. WoW looks amazing, the graphics are so nice now. ;) And, it's so much faster - as far as loading graphics, etc. Much smoother play...very good, very happy.

I finally went to bed around 1am, and woke up today with a terrible sore throat, and headache. My body just aches, nose is all stuffed...cough is starting...getting sick. Kind of wanted to say in and sleep/relax, but, I made plans with Jen to go shopping for her prom dress today, and with her job, her weekends aren't going to be very free soon, so we wanted to get this done. It took me a while to get ready and then we went out. First, we went to one place, but, it smelled so bad...kind of a cross between body odor, and old food...we didn't stick around long....instead, we took a drive to Macy's Bridal.

They had the dress she wanted to try on. It looked so nice on her, and she loved the color they had in store, so we went with that. Since it's a bridesmaid dress, it's special order. And, since the prom is three months away, and these dresses take between 12 - 16 weeks to arrive, we were looking at the added 'rush' charge, just to be safe. There was an extra charge, too, because she's, shall we say, blessed, like her mother, and the bust area required a size, that was $15 more. Alterations will be extra, too. So, her prom dress, so far without alterations, is $315.

Am I pleased with the price, no, not really. But - she can't go into a store and buy off the rack. The styles that we saw off the rack really don't fit her personal style. She's not flashy, she's not skinny....

Besides - she has one prom, she's a great student, a good girl..she deserves to have a night to remember. :) I love my daughter, and want her to be happy, and feel beautiful in her dress, and she will.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Seriously cold

Hands, and feet. :)

For some reason, these extremities are always, always icy. The other day when I touched my son's arm, he screeched...he said that he never knew hands could get so cold...indoors. :-P So, now, whenever my hands are this cold, I grab his arm....he calls me a vampire, sucking the heat out of his arm.

Funny....I've been called that before, let's see what was it, oh yes - a heat vampire. Only, it was because of my cold feet....

Monday, March 5, 2007

Something nice

My boss sent this out by email to us tonight....I think it's pretty.

Your Mother is Always With You

She's the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street. She's the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick and perfume that she wore. She's the cool hand on your brow when you're not feeling well. She's your breath in the air on a cold winter's day. She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep, and the colors of a rainbow.

She is Christmas morning.

Your Mother lives inside your laughter. And she's crystallized in every tear drop. A mother shows every emotion.......... happiness, sadness, fear, jealousy, love, hate, anger, helplessness, excitement, joy, sorrow.....and all the while, hoping and praying you will only know the good feelings in life.

She's the place you came from, your first home, and she's the map you follow with every step you take. She's your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you.

Not time, not Space.......not even death!


I'm going shopping today for a new computer. The one I have is 'ok', but it's two years old, and it's time for something new. So, I'm going to build a computer. Excited, and nervous at the same time.

No getting someone else's old computer after they have upgraded, or gotten a new one. Afterall, if it's not 'good enough' for them to use anymore, why would I want to use it? I want a new computer of my very own.

Friday, March 2, 2007


I just got off the cell with my daughter. She is all giggles. Right now, she's sitting in the stretch Excursion limo that they are going to be using for the prom, with her girlfriends, and one of the mom's. They went to check out a limo that is *less* money, (woot!!), and from the sounds of the giggles, and laughter - sooooo much cooler, and better than the Hummer stretch.

I got a description of the lights, and the tv, dvd-player, bar, music system, and interior. Best part, is that it's less money, did I mention that? Yes, much less. $2,000 for the prom package. That, is something we can all work with, gladly.


Update - limo is booked. Girls are all excited. Jen got home at 11:30 tonight. On the way back, her friend's mom suggested they get Chinese food since it was late, so they did that. Then, Jen called me at 8:30 to ask if it was okay to stay there and watch a movie, which of course was fine. I was having a hard time staying awake at 11pm. John was playing WoW, Joey on his PS2, and me on the sofa fighting off sleep..haha. I did eventually doze off, but, woke up instantly when I heard the door open. She said that she, and a few of the other gals fell asleep. Her, on the sofa, one friend on the love seat, and others crashed on the floor with pillows and blankets. The mom came up from the basement, and suggested it was time to go home. So, her friend gave her a ride home.

We chatted for a while. She showed me the dress she wants, so we need to go to the mall and hit Macy's Bridal to try it on, and order in her color...hopefully, it will be just that easy.

Tomorrow, we'll go out while the boys are with their dad, and do place is for sure, the scrapbook store. (I didn't get there today, gotta make a visit and check out the new stuff! ) Oh, and we have to pick up the drug screening form for Jen's job. She'll be working retail where I did for 5 years. She's really excited about that.

Anyway, time for bed. I'm tired.

Goodnight! xoxo

Month of birthday's

March is full of family birthday's.

March 1st - my brother Joe
March 2nd - Steve
March 6th - my son Joey
March 7th - my brother John
March 25th - my son John

Yes, my boys are named Joseph, and John, too. :op

Anyway, today is Steve's birthday. I'm taking him to lunch. We don't do fancy lunches....instead, we'll go to TGI Friday, I think. The food is good, the service where we go is good, and we like the atmosphere. I made cupcakes last night, chocolate, with fluffy white frosting, and, I created little flowers from chocolate fondant to decorate them. Cakes are too big, and get tossed, so the cupcakes work nicely. We'll have those later with the kids. Gotta take pics!