Monday, March 26, 2007

Things are starting to look up!

So, my daughter had to work on Sunday. She didn't want to go. She said that she was going to go in and tell them, "I quit!", and walk out. But - I made her get up, and go to work. I told her not to quit, to just try it one more day, see what happens. That was at 10am. When I went to get her at 3pm, I was really *really* worried about what I'd be met with when she walked out the door of the store.

I was greeted by the best thing - a huge smile as she came out the door. She was beaming, and my heart soared. A mother wants to see happiness on the face of her child. She got in the car, and was so happy, she opened 2 credit applications, and the day went so smoothly. Yay!!

Today she had to work again, too. Again, wondering what state she would be in when I picked her up at 8pm....and again, smiles and happiness. She said that she rang for about an hour, and then she went to work in the children's department (which was my department when I was there, I was the lead for Infants/Toddlers). So, another great night.

Whew....thank goodness!

I told her that each day would get better, and if she has to ring, it isn't really that bad. It's usually slow, unless there is a big sale - a % off promo, or for every $50 you spend, get a $10 cash card, etc...those are the busy days. It's great money for a 17yo. She's not going to make over $7 an hour anywhere else, and in three months, she'll be making almost $8 an hour. That's great money.

So, I'm happy. I have a happy child. :)
*claws retract*

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