Saturday, June 16, 2007

Green thumb?

Perhaps I've inherited a green thumb from my parents. It's nice to think about it - and I like to tell myself I have this interest in gardening, because of them.

Anywho - in my front yard, I have a planting bed that runs the full length of my house, the far right end, is rounded, and has a weeping cherry tree in the center, there were 8 hostas on the back part of the circle, and 4 carpet junipers around the front part of the circle. The junipers were looking incredibly crappy, so those were dug/pulled out! Then, yesterday, I set myself to splitting those 8 hostas.

The end result, after two hours, was 20 new plants. The entire circle is filled in, and now looks so pretty, and green, and full. I used to always fret over what to fill that area in with, and knowing how much space was involved, balked at buying that many hostas to fill it in. So - thankfully, these hardy plants were quite large enough to split up.

I think it looks lovely - and can't wait for them to perk up completely. Heavy watering is necessary to counter the shock to the roots from the splitting - so, the sprinkler is running now.


dawn said...

gorgeous hun - I wish I had green fingers 0 I love to try and grow stuff, but it doesn't always survive! Hope you have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

the tree of ~*magic dragon*~ food.