Saturday, June 9, 2007


June 7th, was prom night.

Jen looked absolutely beautiful.

All of her friends did.

The day started off with the Senior Breakfast, at school. Jen was home by 9:15. She got things ready for the evening, made sure she had her hair clips for when we went to get her hair done.

We left here around 11am, to go pick up her flowers - they were beautiful. So totally Jen, so different from what all the other girls chose to have. My daughter, is different. There is no mistaking that. She is unique, in her own way. She doesn't like to 'go with the flow'. Which is a fact, I am so proud of. She does things how she likes, and doesn't worry about what anyone else will have, or do.

Her hair appointment was for 1pm - and we were done there around 2:15. Stopped by the bank so she could get some money, and were home by 2:45. Once home, she relaxed a bit, had a little something to eat, and then started to get ready.

We had to be at her friend's house around 4:45 - 5pm. Steve, and I, took Jen over, and met up with all the other parents, and kids. There were 14 all together in the car. The next hour was filled with picture taking, and lot's of talking, giggling, and happiness.

Finally, at 6pm - they were off to their prom at Villa Lombardi.

Jen called me at midnight to say they were leaving prom, and heading into the city, to go to Caroline's. A comedy club in Time's Square. That's when I finally went to bed. I woke up at 3:40, and she finally called at 4am, to let me know they were at her friend's house, and going to sleep.
What a strange feeling - to know that my oldest child was out all night, and having fun with all of her friends, while I was sleeping in bed. Albeit not so restfully. I just don't sleep well when one of my children isn't at home. But, this was a once in a lifetime occasion, and I certainly wanted her to make the most of it, and have a wonderful time.

Friday - was spent at the beach, and then later, they had pizza, and went bowling. Tonight, is a get together at another house to go swimming, and hang out (but, it's raining - so who knows what will happen). Currently - Jen is sleeping. She was up - but, falling sleep, and I sent her to take a nap. unday - the whole group is going to Six Flags, in New Jersey.

More later, maybe.

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dawn said...

Good morning hun - WOW great pics, she's looking spectacular and wonderful flowers too... hope you have a great week :)