Thursday, December 27, 2007

Two days later....

Christmas day was really nice.

We didn't get up til 10am. Well - Joey was up around 6am, but, he watched a movie in his room, and kept peeking out his bedroom door to see if we were awake yet. LOL - I kept hearing the door open, and then close. I mostly dozed for that time, not really a deep sleep. I just wasn't ready to get up yet.

Everyone really liked their gifts. I got so many presents....*sigh* I really wish that Steve wouldn't do that. We had agreed that we both didn't want anything, and that we weren't going to buy anything for each other. I had already gotten a new coat, and proper shoes to wear for work, so that my foot doesn't hurt like heck after standing for hours at a time. He had already gotten a few things that he wanted and/or needed. So we both said, that's it.

But - once I saw that he was buying things for me - I of course felt it was necessary to go out and buy him presents, too. Hence my post the other day about not being able to shop for him, because he was with me, and my cutting a work day short to go shop for him. But, of course, he outdid me :P I can't complain. I got a new wireless keyboard, and mouse. The new Burberry London perfume - I love it!! I got Burberry last year, but, it is a heavier scent, London is lighter - more every day. I also got clothes, and unmentionables, and socks. Oh, and the Martha Stewart rooster cutting board I wanted. I'm going to hang it on the kitchen wall, and not use it at all.

John loved his World of Warcraft figures, and Joey was happy to get Spyro the Dragon 1. We had a great day at my aunt's house. Dinner was really good. She made turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, turnip, and cranberries. Dessert was pastries, and the frozen mocha cheesecake Jen, and I, made.

We ate, and then talked, and talked, and had dessert, then talked more. We finally got home around 10:30, and into pj's we all went. Bed was around 11:15.

What really put a damper on it, was getting up to work on Wednesday morning. But, that's part of my job. I'm just glad that I went on Monday to set V-day at one account, because my largest account took close to six hours on Wednesday - to set the Valentine's product. Today, I did the two small accounts, and that took 5 hours total. But, at least I don't have to work Friday - I'm not sure what we'll do. Maybe stay home, maybe go out. One thing is for certain...I'm not getting out of bed any time before 10am. Well, unless nature calls. ;)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! I can't believe this year is coming to an end. It sure does seem that time flies by so fast, it's like blinking your eyes. I know it's not that fast, but, it sure does feel like it.

Anyway - stay safe, and enjoy your families!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Handmade gifts!

Well, for now, I have pictures of one handmade gift. I made this wreath tonight, for my aunt. She just painted, and purchased brand new furniture for her livingroom, in blues, and greens. I thought a fresh new wreath would be a nice addition!

I have to finish up a few chipboard word bloom books, too. :) It's amazing what you can accomplish when you get up off your rear, and away from the computer.

Tonight, Jen and I also baked 3 batches of cookies. Fun stuff!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Much to do, little time to get it done.

That seems to be the way it is, at this time of year.

One relief, I am not hosting Christmas this year! We are going to my aunt's house. I'll make some desserts to bring, but, she is cooking the dinner. Of course, I'll be making my Frozen Mocha Cheesecake. The kids, and Steve, have been bugging me each day about it. Jen told me that she wants to make one for here, and one for there. Maybe we will - if I buy another springform pan.

Anyway - on Monday I worked for a while in the morning. Then, I wrapped up what I was doing so that I could go and get some Christmas shopping done for Steve. I haven't been able to get to the store to buy him any presents because we're always out shopping together. Geesh - talk about pressure. Last week, I had planned to go out and get some shopping done - alone. He suggested that we go to the Sunrise Mall together - so, we went. We ended up not buying anything, except for lunch. It's an OK mall, but, it's so hard to find things when you have your mind set on going one place, and end up somewhere else.

So - I finally got his shopping done. A few shirts, few pairs of pants, 2 DVD movies that he likes to watch, a handheld game, slippers, and his favorite 'Turtles' candy. I think he's done. I'm also working on a chipboard word bloom album for him. It's almost done. I just need to do some journaling.

We're done shopping for the kids. I think. :)

I'm bad this way...we say we are done, and then I go out -alone- and find other things. I really have to stop that.

The only thing I *have* to do, is make John's present. But, I need to make a screenshot of his WoW character, first. I'm making 2 long sleeve t-shirts, with iron-on pictures of his character in WoW. I thought it was a cool idea. He said he didn't want anything for Christmas. Just to be able to play WoW every day of the break. But - how do you not put presents under the tree for your child? So - it's going to be a very WoW Christmas for him. I was able to find two WoW action figures, got him the Dungeon 2 companion guide, his own headset/mic, pjs, a few other small things, and these 2 shirts I'm making. Oh, and 2 WoW shirts I found at Hot Topic with Jen. (she suggested we look there for him). My aunt also got him two WoW calendars, one is a wall calendar, and the other is a desk calendar, entitled "A year of gear".

As an aside - my friends, and I, never took that trip into the city. A few people cancelled out last minute - like the day before, and the weather looked pretty iffy for the day we were going to go - so, we called it. Unfortunately, the next day was pretty darn great until around 4:30pm. /shrug oh well. I'm planning on going in with the kids over break. Though, it may end up being just Jen and myself. I have a funny feeling the boys are going to have other ideas of fun.

That's okay, though. Jen is like me, when it comes to the city. She loves it, loves exploring, and walking all around, going to all the shops....I love my daughter. :) I couldn't ask for a better person to spend the day with. Don't get me wrong. It's a lot of fun doing things with Steve, and the boys, too. But - Jen just has the same attitude I have. She doesn't get bored, doesn't get tired of exploring.... instead, we just get tired at some point - and when we are tired, we call it a day. If it weren't for being tired, we'd never stop. :)

So - I think I need to get myself together here, and do some work. Just a little, though. ;)

Friday, December 7, 2007

We worked...

I had to work yesterday. Jen didn't have class - her professor was finishing up the mini-meetings with her students, and Jen was lucky to have pulled her meeting on Tuesday. So - instead of her sleeping all day, I woke her up at 9:30, and asked if she wanted to come with me for the day. So, she got up, and got ready.

First stop, was Starbucks, for tall hot chocolates! I skipped the peppermint this time. It was sooooooo good, only, I don't think it was hot enough. You know how sometimes, it's so hot you can't even take a chance to let that first little sip hit your mouth? It's as though the steam coming out the little opening is just as hot as the liquid inside. Then, there are times when you lift the cup to your mouth, and just drink. The liquid is warm, not hot. *sigh* That's what I had yesterday. So, while it was *so* good, it wasn't thoroughly satisfying.

Anyway - onto DPA - to head to Sunrise Highway, and my account. We get there, I scan in, and set Jen to straightening the counter. The cards weren't too bad, I must say. But, making it neat is a priority. I went to the stockroom, to pick up my order. Back out on the floor, we set up two corrugates, and loaded them up with the Christmas product. Done, and looking nice - we set to ordering. And then last but not least, I did the Thanksgiving credit, which totalled out without any problems this time. I packed that all up, and left it up front for FedEx.

So - by then, it was 1:45. I really should have done another account - but, we went to get some lunch instead. After lunch, we took a drive to Sayville, so that I could pick up some transfer paper, to make one of John's Christmas presents. We wandered around looking at this, and that. Then, checked out. Everything was on sale. :) Yay!

We wandered around that little Sunvet Mall, I think it's called. Went into the dollar store, and found a few cute Christmas decorations to add to my hutch - they are so cute! Gotta take pics of this stuff someday. After we were done there, we got back on Sunrise to head home. As we passed KMart - I asked Jen if she wanted to go look around, so we did. Bought some of those soft, cozy socks that were on sale, and a spiral lighted tree for outside, with blue lights, and a box of lighted candycanes. Checked out, and got in the car.

By then, it was 4:30, and getting dark fast. So not night vision has gotten so bad. It's just not smart for me to stay out past 4pm, because you never realize just how fast it gets dark - until you're out driving, and have a problem seeing in the dark. But, we made it home safely. :)

So - we worked, for 2 & 1/2 hours. :) I love spending time with my daughter, and it also gave her a chance to relax, and unwind, from all the craziness of the end of the first semester rush.

It's all good.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stressed out child...

My daughter has 6 days of classes left, and her first semester in college is under the belt. She is stressing out, in a majorly big way. Last night, she was up til past 12:30am, working on her debate write up for class today. Her group was responsible for debating 'Why abortion should be illegal'. This is their final debate for the semester. They got lucky, though, and time ran out, so they'll have to go on Monday.

She has two papers due next week, I believe. Plus, her mathematics final, and whatever other finals her teachers decide to give. I don't ask for specifics. As long as I know she's doing school work, I'm happy. And, as evidenced by the stacks of papers, notebooks, textbooks, and other literature books stacked up on her dresser, and floor - she's doing *a lot* of work.

I even think, perhaps, she's doing more work than she ever imagined she'd be doing....

Her schedule for next semester seems to be more compact, and less spread out. She'll be home by 2:30pm each day - so that is a very, very good thing! But - she does have two history classes thrown in the mix, so it should be another fun ride. Wooohoooo!


I do feel badly for her, that she is so stressed out. But - she's going to have to learn to get better at time management, I think. I also think, that she's going to have to get better at going to bed at a normal time, every single night. She stays up too late. Later than me, most of the time.

(I'm passing out by 11pm 90% of the time. I simply can't stay up. It really does. I was the one that would stay up til 2 or 3 am, doing whatever - scrapbooking, playing WoW, watching movies, reading..... not anymore.)

So - I go in, and give her a kiss goodnight, and go to bed. I have to look at this from the standpoint of - at least she's at home, and not out with friends, driving around, going here, or there. Her friends are great, but, I like that she's at home, safe.

Next Friday night, the 14th, she is going to a Sweet 16 party. Her girlfriend's sister is the birthday girl. We got the dress yesterday - soooooo pretty! I'll take her tomorrow to get fitted for the little bit of alteration that's needed. Steve, and I, are going to take her out on Friday - shopping for shoes, and another new coat.

Yes...another new coat. Because the coat she ordered from American Eagle, is already coming apart after just two weeks. Well, not really coming apart, but, I don't expect the buttons to be falling off a coat the cost $130, after two weeks of use. So, that'll be returned.

Anyway - I think I'm going to get in bed. I have some *more* new scrappin goodies I bought today, on the way home from work. But - I'm just too tired to play with them. :( so, that'll have to wait.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Yay, for late night shopping!

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Aren't these great?! I can't wait to get them. I saw them advertised in Creating Keepsakes magazine about a week ago, and that they'd be available on December 1st. I'm so excited! They look like lot's of fun to use, and play with! Take a look over at Maybe you will get a set, too!
That's all for tonight - I'm going to bed. Very, very tired for some reason or another.