Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Much to do, little time to get it done.

That seems to be the way it is, at this time of year.

One relief, I am not hosting Christmas this year! We are going to my aunt's house. I'll make some desserts to bring, but, she is cooking the dinner. Of course, I'll be making my Frozen Mocha Cheesecake. The kids, and Steve, have been bugging me each day about it. Jen told me that she wants to make one for here, and one for there. Maybe we will - if I buy another springform pan.

Anyway - on Monday I worked for a while in the morning. Then, I wrapped up what I was doing so that I could go and get some Christmas shopping done for Steve. I haven't been able to get to the store to buy him any presents because we're always out shopping together. Geesh - talk about pressure. Last week, I had planned to go out and get some shopping done - alone. He suggested that we go to the Sunrise Mall together - so, we went. We ended up not buying anything, except for lunch. It's an OK mall, but, it's so hard to find things when you have your mind set on going one place, and end up somewhere else.

So - I finally got his shopping done. A few shirts, few pairs of pants, 2 DVD movies that he likes to watch, a handheld game, slippers, and his favorite 'Turtles' candy. I think he's done. I'm also working on a chipboard word bloom album for him. It's almost done. I just need to do some journaling.

We're done shopping for the kids. I think. :)

I'm bad this way...we say we are done, and then I go out -alone- and find other things. I really have to stop that.

The only thing I *have* to do, is make John's present. But, I need to make a screenshot of his WoW character, first. I'm making 2 long sleeve t-shirts, with iron-on pictures of his character in WoW. I thought it was a cool idea. He said he didn't want anything for Christmas. Just to be able to play WoW every day of the break. But - how do you not put presents under the tree for your child? So - it's going to be a very WoW Christmas for him. I was able to find two WoW action figures, got him the Dungeon 2 companion guide, his own headset/mic, pjs, a few other small things, and these 2 shirts I'm making. Oh, and 2 WoW shirts I found at Hot Topic with Jen. (she suggested we look there for him). My aunt also got him two WoW calendars, one is a wall calendar, and the other is a desk calendar, entitled "A year of gear".

As an aside - my friends, and I, never took that trip into the city. A few people cancelled out last minute - like the day before, and the weather looked pretty iffy for the day we were going to go - so, we called it. Unfortunately, the next day was pretty darn great until around 4:30pm. /shrug oh well. I'm planning on going in with the kids over break. Though, it may end up being just Jen and myself. I have a funny feeling the boys are going to have other ideas of fun.

That's okay, though. Jen is like me, when it comes to the city. She loves it, loves exploring, and walking all around, going to all the shops....I love my daughter. :) I couldn't ask for a better person to spend the day with. Don't get me wrong. It's a lot of fun doing things with Steve, and the boys, too. But - Jen just has the same attitude I have. She doesn't get bored, doesn't get tired of exploring.... instead, we just get tired at some point - and when we are tired, we call it a day. If it weren't for being tired, we'd never stop. :)

So - I think I need to get myself together here, and do some work. Just a little, though. ;)

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