Wednesday, December 20, 2006

There is something to be said....

about having a job that gives you great flexibility.

I got up at the usual time, 6:30 am. Joey was already up, showered, dressed, and ready to go. We don't have to leave til 7am, so, he had to wait a bit. Today was Jen's late day, so she was still sleeping. Got John up and moving, then drove Joey to school. Came back home, and made John shake a tail feather - left with him at 7:30 to go to an early session extra help. Came back home, got Jen up, and got myself dressed. We left here at 8am, I dropped her off at school, and then I went to work.

Clock in time - 8:10. I have mentioned that I work as a merchandiser for Hallmark. So, today, was another day to straighten and refill some Christmas cards. Then, I got to work putting away the order that was there. At 10am, my cell rings. It's Jen - my lovely daughter.

"Hi, mom."
"Hiya, sweetie."
"Whatcha doin?"
"Oh....I'm walking to the bagel place, alone."
"Where are the girls?"
"Well, friend #1 is on a trip, friend #2 is not coming in til 5th period calculus, friend #3 is on another that leaves me, alone today."
"Ahhh..ok. Well - maybe I'll come meet you."

We hang up, I put away what I was working on, and grab my coat and purse, and manage to green light it all the way to the bagel place. Unheard of, and a first for me. I always get stuck at red lights. The smile that broke out on her face when she saw me, was priceless. Moments like that, make my heart burst with happiness. I got a bagel, and hot tea, and then we sat and chatted for about half an hour.

I drove her back to school, and told her, under no uncertain terms, was she to 'cut' 7th period :oP, something she had said she wanted to do. I was met with an "Okay, mom" *sigh*, a kiss on the cheek, and a wave good bye. Then, she was into the building for her next class.

I, on the other hand, considered just goofing off the rest of the day, but, decided to go back to my account and do some extra work for a few more hours.

This is what I love about my job. I can just put everything away, and leave whenever I am ready to go. Or, like today, I can just leave to go meet my daughter for lunch. I don't have to ask permission, I don't have to worry about making anyone's great.

Plus, I have the opportunity to spend time with my little girl, who isn't so little anymore, at the unexpected ring of the phone. :)

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