Thursday, December 21, 2006

Things to do, things to do, things to do...

Today I'll do most of the shopping for Christmas dinner.

I'll go to Best Yet to purchase all my coldcuts, making sure to remember the provolone, pepperoni, and salami for the antipasto. Then, I need to get all the other indredients for the dish - marinated artichoke hearts, olives, marinated red bell, and green bell peppers, pepperoncini (spicy, but yum!), anchovies (salty - but yummy, too!!).

I have the ingredients at home already for the sauce, and manicotti. My meats will be purchased on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, I'll start the sauce, and we'll make meatballs (handmade), brasciole (homemade), and toss all that, plus the sausage, into the sauce after it's been browned in some olive oil, first.

Last night I made chocolate covered pretzels. Tonight, we're going to make chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies, and coconut macaroons. Well, we'll make the sugar cookies for sure. That dough is ready and waiting in the fridge. :oP

We'll see what we get done. I just need a jump start back to my Christmas cheer... I'm in some kind of mood, and all these things I'm doing, are by force of habit, and necessity, to make sure that my children have a great holiday.

All done with a smile on my face.

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