Thursday, December 7, 2006

John goes to the ER

It's been a pretty busy week.

On Monday, Steve and I were heading out to do some shopping. We stopped to get sodas at 7-11, and then were on our way. My cell phone started to ring, and it was John (12yo). He said he had pains in his chest, and it felt like his heart was popping inside. We turned around, and headed back to the school. I called the pediatrician on the way, and they said to bring him right to the ER, they would call and let them know we were on our way there. Over the lastfew weeks, on occasion, John has told me in the morning that his chest hurt, or that he didn't feel well, so I'd let him stay home for the day, but, by 3pm, when his brother and sister were returning from school, he was fine. He has visited the nurse more in the last 2 months than both of his siblings have in last year.

So - we arrived at the ER, and they took him right in. Did an EKG immediately, and took him to x-ray. Everything turned out to be okay, physically. When the doctor came in to talk to him, and us, John told the doctor that there has been "a kid" bugging him in the locker room during Phys.Ed. The other child believes, apparently, that it's okay to kick, hit, and punch my son in the locker room, out of sight of the teachers. John said this has been going on for weeks already. When I looked at my calendar, and the sequence of the days out of school sick, and the days he's been to the nurse at school, it was always on a 'gym day'. There were a few non gym days thrown in, but, most were the day of gym.

My son is actually getting physically ill from stress. Stress caused by the actions of this other child. I know that stress can make one sick. When I was under heavy duty stress, I was constantly getting headaches, and getting sick all the time. I just wish he would have told us about this sooner. He said he figured the kid would eventually stop, and that he didn't want to worry me. He said he didn't want to hit the kid back, because he didn't want to get into trouble for that. When he went to school the next day, he went to his guidance counselor, and had a little chat, and then he talked to the Assistant Principal, and they also called the other child down to ask him if he did this to my son. The child said he did, and that he did it for 'fun'. But, he was told that his actions were making John sick, and that John had to go to the ER because of it. So, yesterday was a gym day, and the child didn't bother my son - let's hope it stays that way.

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