Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas recess has begun.


Today was the last day of school, until January 3rd. My kids are ecstatic. I'm pretty glad, too. No alarm clocks til back to school day. Actually, there will be one day with an alarm clock. The day we go into Manhattan we'll need to get up somewhat early so that we can make the most of our time there. Otherwise, no alarms.

I'll go in to my account on Tuesday whenever I get up and get ready, and spend whatever time is necessary setting my Valentine's day product. All the V-day stuff was delivered at the store today. Ton's of stuff..I think I got even more than I did for Christmas. Valentine's is the biggest card selling holiday for the industry.

This weekend we'll be relaxing, and spending time at home. I have no reason to leave the house, and that's a very good thing! After Christmas, we're going to relax, and recharge, too. Besides the city, we'll probably see a movie - I know they want to see Happy Feet, still.

School recess, it's a good thing. :) *at least until they start fighting*

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