Monday, December 11, 2006

All *I* want for Christmas....

The kids made their Christmas lists. Their dad, and I, made sure to get them 95% of what is on those lists for presents this year. So, surely mom should have the ability to get what's on her list, right?

On my list, is this one thing....just one little thing. I really, *really*, want a Cricut Personal Electric Cutter. The original price was $299, and it has dropped to $199. There is nothing else I want, or need for Christmas. Throughout the year, if I see something I want, I buy it. Quite simple. I work, I make my own money, so I buy things I like. Nothing extravagant, usually. Clothes, shoes, scrapbooking supplies. I take the kids to the movies, and I buy them nice things, too.

But, scrapbooking is my hobby. I love scrapbooking, more than playing on the computer, even. Lately, I've been scrapbooking, a lot more, and this 'tool' will make is so much easier to make my page titles, and even for journaling, and captions on my pages.

My daughter knows what I want, as do the boys. Their dad just rolls his eyes when it comes to scrapbooking.... so we'll see if they can cajole him into doing this purchase for them. If not, I'll just end up going out to buy it for myself as soon as I see it on sale....... ;)

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