Monday, December 11, 2006

World of Warcraft

Lately I haven't played much in the world of WoW. I don't miss it too much, either. Perhaps, it has just been such a busy time of the year, and other things are more important. Or, perhaps I've just had enough for now. I'm not truly sure.

My favorite character, is my human warlock, Sassenach. The new warlock talents are great, but, again.....I get bored, fast, when I play. Most times, I log in on one of my characters, and end up walking away from the computer to do something else. Make a phone call, spend time with my children, watch a DVD with a friend.

I've gotten the presell of The Burning Crusade, and perhaps that will bring back my interest. But, as of now, I've deleted all my horde toons, but two. I've even started to pare down the amount of stuff that I have saved up in the bank and mailboxes for my alliance toons. I mean, how many Twilight cultist sets do I need to hang on to anyway? Right? :oP

Funny thing - I was going through my screen shot folder the other night, and came across some really old screenies....good memories for sure. :)

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