Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is what we call life

It's been a few days since my last post. Not all that much going on, but, at the same time, there is a lot going on. Last week, the boys were on break from school. We didn't get to do all that much, because Jen still had classes and work, and Joey had to work five out of the seven days. Not even early, but, 3-7pm.....smack in the center of the day. Not much time to do anything before work, and sure not enough time to do anything after work

Getting up early allowed us do some running around to this store, or that place. But - we didn't get to go to the arboretum, because it's an outdoor kind of place, and the two days he was off from work, it poured outside. :( Plus, it's just too far away to drive there for an hour, and then leave. We wanted to also visit the cemetery, and bring flowers to mom, but, that was going to be a full day - cemetery, then the arboretum, since they are just a few miles apart. I think that we are going to attempt that this coming weekend. Both Jen, and Joey are off from work Saturday - good thing, good thing. (Now, if I can just convince them at day at the arboretum is more fun than a day at the mall spending your hard earned working dollars.)

My carpal tunnel is acting up again, big time. Has been acting up for months already. I wake up each morning, both arms, and hands, numb...pains shooting up my arms regularly. It really sucks - and I guess eventually, I'll have to take more extreme steps in getting this 'fixed'. The doctor said I might need surgery at some point to relieve it....not really wanting to do that, though. My aunt had the surgery - and her carpal tunnel is gone, and her hand is fine. But...I dunno. I'd be out of work for a while, because I just wouldn't be able to use my hands the way I need to. Plus, all that repetitive wrist movement that my job entails - wouldn't be easy right away. From what I understand, the surgery is simple, but, recovery takes some time.

We shall see.

I heard a song on the radio yesterday, that I thought was kind of catchy. Last night, I told Jen about it, and we looked it up, found the artist, and my daughter now has a new 'like' in the song world. All thanks to me. Imagine that? Hah, I teased her last night about it, that it was such a 'shock' she liked the music of someone I thought was kind of interesting. Anyway, the artist is Katy Perry, and the song I heard....."I Kissed a Girl" yes, that's right, that's the name. Catchy, huh? Anyway, we also listened to some of her other music, and agree, her songs are cool.

Work is the usual grind. Mother's day is coming - so I have to keep a good check on my accounts, well, the two huge account's anyway, and make sure they are neat, and in order. I really hope that my largest account has started selling down on the cards. I have a lot of backup stock to get out. I'll head there today - since I didn't work yesterday. After work, I think I'm going to take a quick drive up to Michaels, because a little birdie told me that there should be some new 'stuff' there, I absolutely need to have. ;)

(and now...for those WoW enthusiasts)
John, and I, enjoyed some PvP activity in WoW during the last week. I enjoy some good old battleground fun. Alterac Valley is my favorite - just saving up my honor points for either gear, or those nice gem rewards. Plus, with his tanking expertise, I got a lot of the group quests done with my druid in game. She's level 70 now, and quite fun. Only, she's geared to be full DPS kitty. Just lot's of damage, and some spot healing if needed. No tanking for her, though I did make her a nice tanking set - so someday she just might tank somewhere in bear form. But, like always - the last few evenings, I haven't really been in the mood to log into game.

I was fully enjoying doing the new dailies with my warlock, and now the druid. But - at some point, I just stop. No reason really. I just stop. Eh...love hate relationship with WoW, like I've always said. I don't think John will ever have any hate for the game...it's all love for him. :P

And, that's it...time to face the day. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gotta update..

I'm so lax when it comes to this blog lately.....

I like to update it, but, I just don't make the time to do it.


Farewell to the first character I ever got to level 60 on the Terenas realm, in World of Warcraft. Tulips - my undead rogue. She was the first 'toon' that just clicked in that game. I had a great time playing her, for a very long time. Then, I got bored, and went Alliance side. I never went back to Tulips....just never got back the interest, or desire to play her. So, she has been sitting, dormant, for what I'd say has been about two years. Anyway, last night, I decided it was time for her to go, free up a character slot, for something I will play, something I'll enjoy. So, bye-bye Tulips - the undead rogue.
(I've recreated Tulips - but, not sure what she'll be at this point...I just wanted to save the name for ME.)

My Night Elf druid is just shy of level 70. Matarique, the only character of that name, in all of World of Warcraft, I might add....I *love* this toon!! She's so much fun, just great fun to play.

Anyway - also have a baby level 18 druid that I play with my brother - just fun stuff.

Let's see....that avatar pic of me, with my son...see all that hair? Well, all that hair is gone...gone, gone. I got it chopped off on Wednesday. Short. Very short. :) So happy with it. I think... I mean, I am, but, I really need to get used to it. *Really* need to. I had long hair for 10 years...that's a long time, and this is just weird. So weird, in fact, that when I do my hair in the morning, I still bend over to flip my hair forward, like I did when it was long, to run styling 'stuff' through it. Hahaha....today I started to do it, but, stopped myself - midbend. Too funny.

I do have to take some new pictures, not sure when I'll do it, though. Soon, maybe. Who knows.

Nothing else for now. I want to go back to finish up a few things in game, before I go to bed.

Hugs to all.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What's new pussycat?

It's been a pretty busy few weeks. Probably longer than a few weeks.

Work keeps me busy after any holiday, so I was somewhat swamped for two weeks.

We've been going to the gym.
I've been scrapbooking.
I've been playing WoW with my son, and my brother.

(Tonight, my brother, and I, made new characters. He is playing a Night Elf hunter named Hemispheres, and I'm playing another Night Elf druid, named Amalica. This druid, will be balance spec. My high level druid is feral, and I don't want to change anything about her. )

Let's see...what else? Oh, we're going on vacation end of May, early June. Where? The usual, Disney World. Are we addicts? You bet. My brother, and sis-in-law will come meet us for the weekend, and hopefully dad will drive over, too.

It's just been busy. I haven't been in the mood to update this thing, really. But, meh..here I am.

Anyway - off to bed, after I check myspace.