Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gotta update..

I'm so lax when it comes to this blog lately.....

I like to update it, but, I just don't make the time to do it.


Farewell to the first character I ever got to level 60 on the Terenas realm, in World of Warcraft. Tulips - my undead rogue. She was the first 'toon' that just clicked in that game. I had a great time playing her, for a very long time. Then, I got bored, and went Alliance side. I never went back to Tulips....just never got back the interest, or desire to play her. So, she has been sitting, dormant, for what I'd say has been about two years. Anyway, last night, I decided it was time for her to go, free up a character slot, for something I will play, something I'll enjoy. So, bye-bye Tulips - the undead rogue.
(I've recreated Tulips - but, not sure what she'll be at this point...I just wanted to save the name for ME.)

My Night Elf druid is just shy of level 70. Matarique, the only character of that name, in all of World of Warcraft, I might add....I *love* this toon!! She's so much fun, just great fun to play.

Anyway - also have a baby level 18 druid that I play with my brother - just fun stuff.

Let's see....that avatar pic of me, with my son...see all that hair? Well, all that hair is gone...gone, gone. I got it chopped off on Wednesday. Short. Very short. :) So happy with it. I think... I mean, I am, but, I really need to get used to it. *Really* need to. I had long hair for 10 years...that's a long time, and this is just weird. So weird, in fact, that when I do my hair in the morning, I still bend over to flip my hair forward, like I did when it was long, to run styling 'stuff' through it. I started to do it, but, stopped myself - midbend. Too funny.

I do have to take some new pictures, not sure when I'll do it, though. Soon, maybe. Who knows.

Nothing else for now. I want to go back to finish up a few things in game, before I go to bed.

Hugs to all.

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