Sunday, June 24, 2007

Class of 2007!!

Today was my daughter's high school graduation.
It was a beautiful day. Sunny, warm, and the clouds were few. My father, and brother flew up from Florida to attend, which was a great thing.

It's amazing to realize that her days of public school are over, and that she will be going on to college in a very short time. I asked Jen if it felt different, and she said no. She asked me the same question, and the answer really is no, but, I think it will really feel different when she actually is starting her classes at the end of August, when her college goes into session.

That's when reality will hit. That's when it will be real that she has entered the world of adulthood. I wonder, is she prepared? Did we do all that we could to prepare her for the world ahead.
I think so, her father thinks so.
In my heart, I think we did.
I hope so....time will tell - that much is for sure.

Picture 1 - Processional - coming in on the field.
Picture 2 - Her turn receiving her Regents Diploma.
Picture 3 - Moving the tassel from left, to right.
Picture 4 - Picture with Mr. McLeod - her favorite school administrator.
Picture 5 - Jen, with me.
Picture 6 - Jen, with her dad.
Picture 7 - Jen, with her grandfather (my dad).

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Green thumb?

Perhaps I've inherited a green thumb from my parents. It's nice to think about it - and I like to tell myself I have this interest in gardening, because of them.

Anywho - in my front yard, I have a planting bed that runs the full length of my house, the far right end, is rounded, and has a weeping cherry tree in the center, there were 8 hostas on the back part of the circle, and 4 carpet junipers around the front part of the circle. The junipers were looking incredibly crappy, so those were dug/pulled out! Then, yesterday, I set myself to splitting those 8 hostas.

The end result, after two hours, was 20 new plants. The entire circle is filled in, and now looks so pretty, and green, and full. I used to always fret over what to fill that area in with, and knowing how much space was involved, balked at buying that many hostas to fill it in. So - thankfully, these hardy plants were quite large enough to split up.

I think it looks lovely - and can't wait for them to perk up completely. Heavy watering is necessary to counter the shock to the roots from the splitting - so, the sprinkler is running now.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


June 7th, was prom night.

Jen looked absolutely beautiful.

All of her friends did.

The day started off with the Senior Breakfast, at school. Jen was home by 9:15. She got things ready for the evening, made sure she had her hair clips for when we went to get her hair done.

We left here around 11am, to go pick up her flowers - they were beautiful. So totally Jen, so different from what all the other girls chose to have. My daughter, is different. There is no mistaking that. She is unique, in her own way. She doesn't like to 'go with the flow'. Which is a fact, I am so proud of. She does things how she likes, and doesn't worry about what anyone else will have, or do.

Her hair appointment was for 1pm - and we were done there around 2:15. Stopped by the bank so she could get some money, and were home by 2:45. Once home, she relaxed a bit, had a little something to eat, and then started to get ready.

We had to be at her friend's house around 4:45 - 5pm. Steve, and I, took Jen over, and met up with all the other parents, and kids. There were 14 all together in the car. The next hour was filled with picture taking, and lot's of talking, giggling, and happiness.

Finally, at 6pm - they were off to their prom at Villa Lombardi.

Jen called me at midnight to say they were leaving prom, and heading into the city, to go to Caroline's. A comedy club in Time's Square. That's when I finally went to bed. I woke up at 3:40, and she finally called at 4am, to let me know they were at her friend's house, and going to sleep.
What a strange feeling - to know that my oldest child was out all night, and having fun with all of her friends, while I was sleeping in bed. Albeit not so restfully. I just don't sleep well when one of my children isn't at home. But, this was a once in a lifetime occasion, and I certainly wanted her to make the most of it, and have a wonderful time.

Friday - was spent at the beach, and then later, they had pizza, and went bowling. Tonight, is a get together at another house to go swimming, and hang out (but, it's raining - so who knows what will happen). Currently - Jen is sleeping. She was up - but, falling sleep, and I sent her to take a nap. unday - the whole group is going to Six Flags, in New Jersey.

More later, maybe.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dressed up - with someplace to go!

On May 26th, one of Steve's coworkers had a wedding vow renewal ceremony. When the couple got married 10 years ago, they didn't have a big celebration. So, they had a real wedding for the renewal.

We got dressed up, and it was really nice. I hadn't been looking forward to it, honestly. I like to stay home most of the time. But, once I found a dress I liked, I started to look forward to the evening out. The kids thought it was funny, for some reason, to see us all dressed up. Especially their dad! The boys opinon was, "Whoa - mom looks HOT!" (I think they are vision impaired!!!) and "Dad looks cool!"

Since Jen was staying home with the boys, we decided to order pizza for them. We left the house, saying good-bye, and then drove over to pick up the pizza for them. They didn't know about it, so, I got out of the car, and rang the bell. When they asked who it was, I said "Pizza delivery!!"

Then, we were on our way. It was really nice, good food, fun conversation. I knew a few of the guests that were invited, because I worked with them way back when I was a teenager. That part was funny, because we were discussing how my daughter is graduating HS this year, and that's when we all have known each other since. Time flies, eh?

Dressed up - it was a good thing!

Friday, June 1, 2007

June 1st....can you believe it?

I know I can't.

It's hard to believe that there are just a handful of full school days left. Then, there will be finals, NYS Regents exams, and Jen's graduation.

But, before that all happens, Jen will go to her Senior Prom next week, the next day, will be spent at the beach, prom weekend - they'll spend a day at Six Flags in NJ. It'll be great fun and memories for her. I'm excited for her, so I can only imagine how excited she is, too.

We've been so busy prepping the house for the party. Both inside, and outside. Funny - that so much will be done for one day. Steve, and I, have been shopping around for a grill, a backyard set, plants, and whatever else we think is necessary.

I've been doing most of the gardening with my boys. The planting beds in the front are almost done. I was going really good for a while there, and then, for whatever reason, I started to get terrible back pain, which radiated to my hips, and down my legs, and feet. I felt literally 'broken', from the waist down. So, for the last 3 weeks - I haven't done much out there, and it's killing me that all these baby weeds are starting to pop back up again.

I did go outside yesterday afternoon, and pull some of those weeds, but, as soon as I stood up, the pain was shooting down my legs. So - the boys are going to have to get in their knees and pull those weeds this weekend.

Let's backtrack a bit, too....Mother's Day. What a great day! I was treated so nicely. I got some really beautiful cards, and flowers. Jen also shopped at her job, and bought me such a loving card, and a lovely floral wall plaque. I also got some $$ to spend at the scrapbook store - which is always great! Jen had to work that day, so I went with the boys to lunch, and then on to Argyle Lake in Babylon Village. The weather was wonderful. The boys did not fight! We had great conversation, took some pictures - of course. We got ice cream cones.

It was just a wonderful afternoon. On the way home, we stopped at Barnes and Noble, and then M's to get supplies for a new front door wreath. (I'll make that this weekend - maybe)

Anyway - it's just been busy, and fun, and work is going well.