Monday, January 29, 2007

Enjoy what comes your way

My birthday was a really nice day. Not exactly what was planned, but, I can't really complain when I was enjoying a temperature of 102 towards the late afternoon hours.

Anyway, I had started feeling sick on Thursday after work. I got home, and had a flaming hot face, and chills all over. My nose was stuffed and I felt miserable. A few tylenol, and a nap later, I was feeling a bit better.

The temperature dropped overnight, by to 7 degrees for Friday morning. Friday, is scrapbooking day. I probably should have stayed at home, but, I didn't. I took Jen with me to meet up with the gals at the SB store, and we scrapped until 5:30 or so. While there, we walked over to get lunch across the street (9 degrees out). On the way home, Jen and I stopped at the Starbucks drive thru for hot chocolate. She's so much fun now. She can carry on conversations with women the same age as me, or older. It's pretty impressive, to tell ya the truth. :) She also knows how to hold her tongue well when someone is being a bitch. So, that's a really good thing! Friday night, my ear started to hurt like hell. :(

Saturday, my ear was all clogged, and my nose was not cooperating either. Sucky. But, Jen and I had plans for the day. She also had a hair appointment to go to at 2:30. By the time we were home, it was almost dark and close to 5pm. So, by the time Sunday rolled around, I was not doing well at all. I hate being sick, and I have to say, I haven't been sick in quite a while. *knock on wood*

Today, I went to the doctor, and got meds for an inner ear infection. Both antibiotic and pain reliever. The unbearable, almost. But, the clogged feeling is actually gone. I wore a hat out all day, because the wind was torture. He said that I should be good to go by the time we fly, and to take some decongestant about 2 hours before the flight. I hope that all is better by then...flying this way can't be anything good.

So, for my birthday, I got pink tulips, and sweetheart roses. All mixed with baby's breath, and greenery. Really, really pretty. The kids picked out an oreo cookie cake, too. TBC was an early present (from me, for me), and I got cards and other little gifts. The big gift, is the trip to Disney, yay!!

Honestly, the only thing missing on my birthday, was the traditional phone call from my mother singing "Happy Birthday" to me, as soon as I'd say hello...... I know that she was here with me, she always is. I know that she was thinking of me, and saying Happy Birthday in her own way from where she is...but...I missed that phone call.

Enjoy what you have, even if you may think at that very moment, what you have isn't much. Because it's really so much more than someone else may have.


Ice, ice baby....

The winter has been really mild. At least, up until the last two weeks or so.

Last night, it started off with some light drizzly rain, which turned to ice - because it was so cold out. I looked out the window and saw everything was wet - and then 15 minutes later, I looked out, and everything was white - it was snowing!

This morning, when I went out to start the car, I could see that the road was slick with ice....nice..really nice. Here's something about me - I hate driving in snow, on the ice, in the rain. I just do. Precipitation seems to kick in this fear factor for me. Don't ask me why, because I just don't know.

So, anyway, the drive taking the kids to school was slow. It had to be - because there were patches of ice everywhere, even on the main thoroughfare.

I have things to do today, like getting to the doctor. My left ear is so clogged, I can't hear (feels that way, anyway). My nose is so throat hurts. :( Not good. I'm flying this week - gotta get this under control, and fast. HOpefully as fast as it came on.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Visitors..around the world

Interesting to see who's reading my blog. This morning, I had a reader from Singapore, at the Carlton Hotel. I hope your stay was pleasant.

Yesterday, I had a visitor from the to me by a search through yahoo for simple wishes.

There are readers in Japan, Australia, China, Germany....and of course, the good old USofA.

Feel free to leave me comments!


Blizz changes their US -TOS

New Clause added on December 11, 2006:

4. Limitations on Your Use of the Service.

A. You may only access the Service from within the territorial boundaries of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Singapore. Any access to your Account, whether by you or anyone else, from any location outside those countries is a breach of this Agreement.

They enforce this rule by tracking your IP address and unless your ISP has a US based domain/IP address you risk getting banned. If you are in the US military, they usually have special IP addresses that indicates them as being from the US military no matter where you are physically located in the world so you're safe there. However, don't use any other local ISP or risk getting banned.

That's pretty sucky on their part.

I guess that takes care of that. :(

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No short hair.

When I sat in the chair, I just couldn't do it. Instead, I had a good 6 inches cut off the bottom line, and lots of thinning was done...lots, and me....there is a lot of hair gone now. It's amazing how much lighter my head feels after that shearing. :oP

I'm wearing my hair straight, instead of curly. I dry it straight, then use a flat iron. It takes a little time, but, it's not so bad, since there isn't much hair there anymore.

I like's easy. It's different. Different is good.

Let's throw a mini break in there.

This week is testing week in our school district.

That shouldn't come as a surprise, as most schools on the east coast are probably having the same thing this week. But, for my daughter, it has become a mini vacation from school. As a senior, her first semester was 'cake'. She had all her final exams in class last week, and, with the exception of a normal full day of school on Monday, the rest of this week, she is off. Joey has three exams this week. One day off with no exams. John, has a full week of school. Sometimes, being the youngest sucks.

So, since there is no school for Jen and her friends today, last night they all decided to go to the movies. No, it wasn't an early movie...the movie started at 9:20pm. Her friend, this is how the rules went before she left for anything last night..

"When you get to the theater, call me to let you got there safely." (It was snowing last night, yes, I worry.)

*BIG HUGE SIGH* "Okayyyyyyyy mommmm....."

(then, she asked for money - of course.....the child needs a job, badly)
"You need to get a job ....."
"Yes, mom, I know, mom."

So - they went out at 8:30, and she was home by 12:10.
I have to set a curfew. These are all great kids that she is friends with. They are nice girls, they drive safely....nothing to really worry about, but, I do.

I do worry. But...that's my nature I suppose. /shrug

So, I get to sit here at night, til midnight, waiting up when she goes out.

I asked her what she plans to do this week while she is home. She replied...."sleep".

Not taking time to blog lately.

I've been busy.

Between kids, work, life, scrapbooking with my friends, and playing WoW, not much time for this. Throw in getting ready for vacation, and *trying* to go to bed earlier, there isn't much time for anything extra.

TBC has renewed my interest for the game 200%. I never thought it would happen. Now, I can't even imagine not wanting to play. I am in complete awe of what the developers did with this expansion. The zones, the mobs in game, the rewards, the quests. It is truly amazing. My son sat by my side, and we were ooh'ing, and ahh'ing the whole afternoon, and into the night that very first night in Outlands. I truly have a difficult time deciding which character to play. I want to see, and do it all.

Anyway, let's main on Terenas - Sassenach - is at the halfway mark to 64. I'm just having fun, taking my time, and enjoying the new zone that was added for 58+ in the game. 70 is going to be there for a really long time, and I don't want to rush getting there, goes really fast with all the quests. I've completed so many of them, and upgraded my armor so drastically, it's pretty darn amazing. I've also made quite a bit of gold, between rewards, sell back, and auction house funds coming in. Perhaps I'll be buying a flying mount at 70. :) I have to say, I'm really glad that I didn't get overly involved with all the raiding of MC/AQ/ZG/Ony. Only to see all those pieces replaced with greens within a few short days. Most of my guildmates have discarded their epic loot for the green rewards.

I was bored on Sunday night, so, I started a Draenei Shaman, she's level 7. Maybe not bored, but, rather, needed a little break from the high level stuff. Brekkar started one, too, and caught up to me in level after he logged back in that night. We'll try to keep them in level range to play together. I also have a Blood Elf warlock on Terenas. Both of my brothers are playing there, so it's fun. I have to admit, though, Sass has been tugging on me to keep her busy. She's a blast to play, and quest, and hunt with. I transferred Paislee to Zangamarsh, instead of deleting her. Tulips is still on Terenas, I can't move her, my heart won't let me.

The game really is wonderful. Though.... I have to admit - it's a bit bittersweet with each new zone I ride through.....exploration always used to be so much fun. But, I'm sure that *you* are enjoying the game, too. At least I hope so.

Lot's of busy stuff coming up, though. Birthday weekend coming, and Friday I'll be out with the girls during the day, and I'm sure there are things planned for a fun weekend - so, I don't think I'll play much over those three days. Then, next week will be packing and getting any last minute things together before the trip.

Being busy is good, but, I think I'm in the realm of a little bit *too* busy lately.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

Other diversions

So, it was a long weekend. Three days off, with Monday as observance of Martin Luther King day. On Saturday, and Sunday, I did nothing at all. Felt pretty miserable. Bad headaches each day, nothing took away the pain, except for sleeping it out mostly on the sofa. I watched tv, and got lucky that there were some pretty good movies on cable.

Sucky though, on the headaches. :(

I have to say, I haven't experienced that kind of pain in a while, probably not since early September or so. So, I'm not sure what's going on. Today, the pain was not bad. Slight headache, but, bearable. I didn't have to sleep it away. So, I cleaned, and did laundry, then logged into WoW. I helped my guildmaster get his dreadsteed mount on his alt. Saved him some gold, and had fun with the guildies.

I wasn't really sure what to do afterwards, but, decided to do some PvP action. Two Arathi Basin runs, and I was bored. Then, I decided to try out Alterac Valley. Gotta say, it's like candy to a baby. I love that battleground. It's a new drug! :) Racked up 2k honor tonight, and am in queue currently for one more run, then it's off to bed.

Tomorrow, after the kids are gone to school, and I'm ready to head out, I'll go pick up my copy of TBC, and then I'm going to work. I'm in no rush to get the game installed. It's gonna be there, all day, all night, and from now on. Besides, I have plans on Wednesday, and if I don't work tomorrow, I'll end up working on Friday, and I have plans for Friday, too. So, the game will wait. More important things to do.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

This one is for you mom.

This song is for my mom.

Everything changed on the day she died.

I couldn't even say good bye.

Life sucks sometimes, and then life moves on.

The night comes, and then the morning follows, and the time just keeps marching on, and on, and on....

I wish I could have said good bye.

I miss her more with each day that draws closer to February 22nd.

Time for a change.

So, my hair has been long, for a long time.

I'm sick of it. Sick, sick, sick. I kept it long for a few years because my ex fiance loved it. Loved the curls, loved to run his fingers through it, loved the smell of my hair.....blah. Well, I don't have a fiance anymore, so, the only one I need to please, is myself. :)

I'm thinking of going short in the hair department.
God, it will be so easy, and such a huge change for me.

The truth is, I'm a bit afraid - yeah. I think the hair is a crutch of some kind. I know that with a good cut, my hair looks really great long. But - ugh - such a pain to color it at this length, and there is so damn much of it. Besides, the hair will grow back if I'm really unhappy......

('ll just take a few years to get to where I am now.) I'm in between wanting to change, and talking myself out of it. Typical. When I go on Wednesday to get my hair cut I'll tell the gal who has been doing my hair for the last 17 years that this is what I'll do, and she'll just laugh, like she always does when I say I want to cut it off (and then don't). But, with the trip to Disney coming up, and the lost weight...maybe it's just time.

I know one person who would have loved mom. She always said my hair looked better short. I know she was right...she was always right, about everything.

So, we'll see...I may be posting a whole new picture of me come mid week. :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Snakes on a Plane.

Why? Why, why, why?!?!

The movie arrived in the mail today. Jen sat down to watch it, and I was sitting at the computer. She was laughing so hard, I thought she'd stop breathing. I got up, and went to watch with her, and both of us laughed through most of this movie. Mind you, it's not a comedy. No, it's not. It's supposed to be 'scary', 'suspenseful', and whatever else you'd expect a movie called Snakes on a Plane, to be.

But, to us, it was humor.

It was comedy.

They say, that laughter is good for the soul. I'll tell you, we laughed so much tonight, I think our souls are good to go for quite some time. ;)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vintage decorating

I'm looking for vintage, country decor for the kitchen...namely - roosters, and hens. If you happen to know of anyplace on the web, aside from ebay, please let me know here in the comments section. I've found a few things so far, and would like a nice collection to put up.


I hate mornings...

Well, not really. Afterall, it's the start of a new day, and each day is great. Usually. :)

But, the morning itself, is what I don't like. The alarm going off at 6:15am. Who invented the snooze button? It's both a charm, and a curse. Sometimes, I use that sucker for half an hour. Other times, I get by with one snooze. The last few days, it's been used a lot. That's probably also a result of the late nights I've been keeping. Though, the last two nights I was in bed by 11:15. Still, this morning, I am so very tired.

I drove my son to school wearing my flannel pj's I got for Christmas. White, with pink, and blue snowflakes, all of varying sizes. :) cute... I wonder what a cop would say, were I to get a ticket for speeding, or some other reason. Ah well...whatever. At least I'm warm and comfy...

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

So.. lot's of stuff....

The last couple of days I've been busy.

It's a new week, and the usual daily chores are on tap. Getting up early, going to bed at a somewhat decent hour *ha*.

I've been playing Autumna on Stormreaver, and she's 19 now. Most of that was accomplished on Monday, since Sunday I ended up relaxing on the sofa almost all day while my son played his characters on Terenas. I decided to lift his grounding a little early.... :) It's been fun playing on a server where I have a bunch of people I know, yet, at the same time, it's like being on a completely new server. On Terenas, whenever I start a new character, I have a stockpile of gold to buy whatever I need. On Stormreaver, it's not that simple. I have ~40g, but, that's nowhere near the almost 1kg on Terenas. :oP I just have to be frugal on purchases for Autumna, it's been working out so far.

Today, I logged in to Terenas, on Sassenach, to check out the Dark Portal event. Fun stuff....thank goodness for AOE, and for flagged horde! Fun, fun, fun!! There are some horde toons that I'd take great pleasure in killing - if only they'd log on. But, that's not going to happen, oh well. /shrug In order to get my 6 needed kills, I went to the top of the stairs, right outside the portal, and set my Felguard on aggressive. Luckily he grabbed the guards I needed to complete the quest for myself, and a guildmate.

Too bad I won't be able to enjoy this event on Stormreaver right now. I guess I could with Ribbon, but, I'm not even going to bother trying. Anywho - next week The Burning Crusades is going to be released, and I'll be buying it bright and early. Can't wait!

Steve and I have been doing shopping, getting things ready for the trip to Disney. I have to make an appointment for a haircut, and I want to buy a new pair of sneakers. It's a little difficult to find shorts in the stores now, so online shopping has been my friend. But - I think I'll be good with what I have.

Gosh, how I can't wait to get on that plane and leave for a short vacation. I need it.

Last night, I filed the FAFSA form for Jen. We're waiting to hear back from the schools she has applied to. It's amazing to think that in ~6 months, she'll be a high school graduate, and preparing to enter her first year in college. Kind of scary, pretty darn exciting. But, at the same time, I'm sad. I miss those baby days....sometimes so damn much, you can't even begin to imagine.

Anyway...that's what's new at the nut house.


Sunday, January 7, 2007

Moving along..

Played WoW again tonight. Leveled Autumna from 8 - 12, then Twisty logged on and I played with him to finish the night at level 14. :)

We could have played more..but, I'm tired. :( it's time to sleep. I feel absolutely wiped out......

Saturday, January 6, 2007


I was up too late last night - 4:30am.

Up at 10:30, and I feel ill. I hate that 'hangover' feeling from lack of sleep. I haven't had that feeling in months...

You know what? I didn't miss it, and today, I hate it.

Late again :)

I started a warlock named Autumna - human girl. Ran around with Twisty on his druid for a while. Then, he had to log to take care of his son. :) (He's 2 hours behind me in time, so while my kids were all sleeping, his were still up.)

As for me - I think 8 levels in one night is enough though...I'm gonna be a cranky momma if I don't get some sleep!

I'm so not doing the human zone quests...once I get my voidwalker, I'm heading over to Darkshore. :oP

Friday, January 5, 2007

Going back...

Tonight, I joined my old guild in WoW on the Stormreaver server. Forgotten Souls. I've been missing being a part of that group.

I have a full account free to play around with new characters alliance side, and that's a really good thing. Plus, perhaps my Ribbon can finally be 60, too. Someday, anyway.



I drove Joey, and John to school today, Jen is home sick. That's not the funny part. I dropped Joey off at school, and made the usual turns to come back home, only to get to the first traffic light, and look in the rearview mirror, and see John wave at me.


I forgot he was there. He was so quiet. His school is back in the opposite direction, past the high school. I had to laugh, because I've never done that before. I guess I was just driving, and the 'routine' of each day was leading me home. Lucky for me, I was able to take the next right turn and bring him to his school.

I asked him, "Why didn't you say anything?". He just looked at me and shrugged. /oh well.


As usual... know me. I say I'm going to bed early, and then I don't. Well, I was for a while, but, it seems the last two weeks I've been staying up way past the early bedtime.

Tonight, I played WoW. This morning, I logged in for, 15 minutes, and leveled my hunter off to 53, and when I logged out tonight, I was halfway to 54. Quested in EPL, and Winterspring. We (Klaus, and myself) are taking down level 58 beasts in Winterspring. Amazing, I love the Beastmastery spec. The power is great.

Then, I called my brother to let him know about the trip to Florida, and got Dad's phone number in Peru. I'll call him tomorrow. My brother tried to get me to log in horde side and play my rogue, but, yuck. Besides, it was 11pm. I've yet to transfer her, but, now I'm thinking of leaving her there to farm stuff for my Blood elf warlock come xpac time. So, we said goodnight, and I took care of laundry, and then......what day is tomorrow? ~~~~~~>

Friday! Scrapbooking day.

I got my pictures, paper, and *stuff* all together. I'll just do the layouts tomorrow, and then I'll do the titles at home on my Cricut. :)

Me <3 Cricut!

So, now, it's 12:30, and I'm going to crawl into bed. I've got Motrin on board, and a heating pad for my monster wonder I've been excessively swollen and headachy the last week. Between the salt, and PMS..... gotta love being a woman.



Thursday, January 4, 2007

My mom.

Gotta admit, when I first saw this picture, the only thing that went through my mind was, "Ugh, I look horrible." But, in the recent months, since my mom has passed away, I started to look at it a little differently. Sure, I sometimes still look at it and think how horrible I look, but, now I look deeper.

I look at my mother, and her wonderful smile.
I look at what similarities there are between us in facial expression.
I look at the love that is there in this picture.
I look at all the things that my mom and I shared together.

I see that she loved me so much, so very much.
I see that she thought I was wonderful, no matter if I thought I wasn't.
I see that she thought I was beautiful, even though she'd gently nudge me to lose some weight, and take care of my health.

I wish, that when I first got this picture back, I looked at it with different eyes. But, at that time, I never expected that my mother would die. I just didn't. I knew that she had cancer, and I knew that she was going to have treatment, and I guess I just expected that she would be fine. That she would keep on living, forever, the way a child always wants it to be.

The thing is, as an adult child, you know that someday, your mother is going to die. That is just how life is. It's not so much that we don't expect it, it's just that we don't expect it so damn soon, too soon, before we are ready for it.

If I could go back, there are so many things I'd have said, or done. So many things I wouldn't have said, or wouldn't have done. But, I know she knows all of this. I know she knew all these things in those last months of her life.

The other day, Steve and I were on the way home from Costco, and I had a bunch of pictures that were developed. Going through the envelopes in the car, I saw pictures I'd ordered of her with the kids, and even alone, and I broke down. I still do that from time to time. Break down, when I think of her, or look at her picture. Sometimes, it comes out of nowhere....

It's coming up on the anniversary of her death soon. I can't believe how the time has gone by. I never thought it would pass so quickly. But, it has. All I can do, is hope that she is at peace, and wonder if she is the one that guides me through my darkest times now.

I love you, mom. I miss you.

We're going to Disney World!

Yay, trip is booked, can't wait! One month from now, we'll be at Magic Kingdom waving back at Walt!

Now, to decide where to book our priority seatings for meals. Of course, the one place we go to, without a doubt, is Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. But, that won't be the first day since our flight gets in at 12:45 in the afternoon.

I'm excited. If there is one place I always am excited about visiting, it's Disney World. I love that little kid feeling that comes out in me. I love, that when I set foot on Main Street USA, my eyes instantly well up with tears. I don't know why, but, it does happen.

The sights, the sounds, the smells...all so Disney. :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

It took a little time.

I always feel bad for the kids when it's the first day back to school after vacation. They look so tired, and walk around so sl-ow-ly..... haha. John is the best at theatrical performing. I wake him up, and he sits up in bed, with his eyes closed. I ask...

"Are you up?"
"I'm up" (with closed eyes)
I walk away....
I come back....

"Are you up?"
"zzzzzz" (while sitting up, mind you, covers up to his chin) How? I dunno....don't ask me :oP

"Wake up!!"
"I'm up!"

Finally, he was really up, and out of bed, and sitting, zombie like at the table.

Looks like we'll be going to bed early tonight. (Ha, yeah right!)

As for myself....the temptation to lay back down in bed once they were gone was SO great. But, I did not. I showered, and dressed, and just finished my tea while typing here.

I'm heading out to work.


I'm up, I'm up.

But, I'm not pleased.

Thank you for the wakeup call.

Uh oh!

It's almost 1am, and I'm not the least bit tired.

This is bad...really bad.

I'm going to need a wake up call come morning.

If you're up at 6:15am, call me...wake me up. :)

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

WoW, and jewelcrafting.

One of my guildmates posted a great jewelcrafting guide, and I spent the better part of the last two hours going through the banks, and bags, of all my alliance characters. I've organized what I've gathered so far, and will send to the designated character, upon installation of the xpac, to level jewelcrafting.

I expect to have my hunter to level 60 by the release date, and I will ditch leatherworking for jewelcrafting. I had thought about untraining alchemy on my warlock, but, I really don't want to lose the ability to make all these potions.

As the release date draws closer, and my time spent in game increases, I'm really enjoying it again.


Christmas holiday, 2006, comes to a close.

I took down the Christmas tree tonight.

I had thought about doing it a few nights ago, but, decided to leave it up a few more days. Tonight, I walked over to it, and just started taking ornaments off, and putting them away. Before I knew it, the tree was down, and packed away. Lights, ornaments...all away. The rest of the Christmas decorations around the house will get put away this week. But, the biggest decoration is gone.

It's kind of sad to put away Christmas, but, at the same time, it's a good feeling. Now, I can get organized, and prepare for the painting, and stuff that I want to do. I'm really looking forward to that!

The kids are in bed, and sleeping. Tomorrow morning, we are back to getting up at 6:30am. It's not going to be fun. :oP I will work tomorrow. Maybe I'll make it a short day. I'll do my Christmas credit, and put away whatever order is there, and then leave. I really don't know, yet. I'll decide when I get there.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Pomelo (Chinese grapefruit, pummelo, pommelo, etc.)

So, today at the grocery store, I found this fruit. It's actually the first time I've seen it sold at a regular grocery store in my area. Usually, I see it at the vegetable market, but, I digress. Today, I decided to buy one, and try it out.

Peeling it was an adventure, and the smell was nothing like any other citrus fruit I've had before. Finally I got to the inside. The flesh of this particular one, was a lovely shade of pink. The color usually ranges from pale yellow, to pink, to red. I freed a section, and was looking forward to the taste, hoping it would be better than the smell, and....yuck. I have to say, I was disappointed. The taste was awful. What a let down. I love grapefruit, and figured it may be similar to that, but, yucko.

I have about three quarters of it left, and will consider giving it another shot tomorrow, but, if I feel the same way as tonight, it's going in the trash. *blech*

Happy New Year

Before I turn in, I want to wish my friends a Happy New Year. If you are not my friend, and someone who just happens to read my blog, Happy New Year, to you, too. :)

I hope that 2007 is better than 2006. I have to say, that 2006 was the worst year of my life. It has to get better, right? Christmas was nice, but, my wishes didn't come true. I mean, could anyone even hope that they might? If anything, 2006 put life in perspective, and the saying "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", is so true. But, the last few days have showed me that I have a lot to look forward to, and there are some really great things going on out there. :)

Slow and steady, though. 2007 is full of hope.


The last two days.

I've played more WoW in the last two days, than I have in the last two months.

Friday night, I played on WildOrchid, with Brekkar (the guild master's brother) until midnight. We had fun in the Western Plaguelands. He was my protector, and a good one at that. :) We were both tired, and agreed to call it a night. After we said goodnight, I chatted with Twisty, on Yahoo, until 3:30am *gasp*. I haven't seen that time on the clock in sooo long.

Saturday morning, I got up around 11am *hehe* made tea, and then logged back into WoW. Steve and I were going shopping, so I had to hurry up and get ready. Once I was back home, I changed clothes, and then logged back into the game. I hunted/quested in Un'Goro, and went from level 50, to two bubbles from 52 in one day. While playing, Brekkar and I were chatting about our hobbies. We had a nice little chat, while I was working on my hunter quest in Azshara (pain in the ass quest that it is!) All I have left to do is visit Sunken Temple, and kill Morphaz, though.

This morning (Sunday) I got up at 10:30, and logged right into the game and went to WPL to get my last two bubbles of xp for level 52. Went back to IF, trained, and put on all my new gear. Then, I got ready, and went out with Jen, and John for a while. Joey was home resting, poor guy has been fighting a cold all week, and the last two days have been miserable for him. When we were home, I changed, and then logged back into the game while the kids were doing their own thing.

Vacation is almost over, though...and staying up late is going to stop, and fast. I've been up every night this week til at least 3am. So not normal for me anymore. I'm in bed no later than midnight usually. But, for some reason, I've been up way too late.

I've been suffering this week, too. I never refilled my prescription for my water pill, and let it expire. Of course, the doctor wanted me to come in for a visit(the day before Christmas Eve), before he'd call another script in. But, I was too busy, and didn't make time. As a result, my hands are so puffy, and my head has been hurting like a bitch all week. My eyes have been itchy, and so irritated, too. Not good....I'll call and get there this coming week.

Things to do during vacation

On Tuesday, I went to work. I wasn't really required to do so until the 27th, but, decided I may as well get it out of the way. But - before going to work, I detoured to Michael's and bought another font for the Cricut! ;) Arrived at my account around noon, and didn't exit until 6:30pm. But, the work was done, and my Valentine product was set. I didn't work at all the rest of the week. I'll have a busy week once the kids are back at school!!

On Wednesday, we went out shopping so that the kids could spend some of the money they got for Christmas. We hit the mall, and the bookstore. I think we spent about 2 hours at the bookstore. They love it there, and so do I. Only, this time, I got a stack of magazines, and got a tea at Starbucks and sat while they walked around looking at everything. The Barnes and Noble in Bayshore, is one of the nicer stores in the area. I've gotta say, the Sagtikos/SS interchange at exit 53 from the LIE is the best. Going from north to south shore is so easy, and before you know it, you're on Bayshore Road.

We also went to the movies and saw Happy Feet. My aunt came out and went with us. The movie was *so* cute! We laughed a lot, and even felt the tug on the heartstrings a few times. Good movie!!

Thursday, we went into the city. A long day, and tiring. But, it was nice to be there. I love Manhattan. We walked around, saw the decorated windows at some of the big department stores, went to Rockefeller Center ( I have pictures, just gotta finish uploading those!), had lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe. It was just a really busy day, and coming home was really, really good.

The last two days, were spent doing nothing, really. Just a lot of relaxing. And, that, my dear, is a very, very good thing. :)

Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was quiet.

I made my sauce, and rolled the meatballs (yuck, if you know me, then you know I hate to touch raw ground beef!! *blech*). The pot of sauce, with all the meat cooked for several hours, and the house smelled amazing. I also made my frozen mocha cheesecake, which was placed into the freezer for Christmas dessert.

The rest of that day, we just sat around and relaxed. I did some scrapbooking, and the kids played on the computers. We watched movies, and just enjoyed being together.

Christmas Day was fun, and quiet, at the same time.

We all got up around 9:30, the kids opened all their gifts. They loved everything they got. I even made out pretty well this year. Nice clothes, and Steve bought me my new favorite perfume - Burberry Brit. :) I wear it pretty exclusively now. (I was quite surprised he bought it for me, since a 3.3oz bottle is $82.)

After opening gifts, we all cleaned up the mess, and took out the trash. Then, we got ready for our company. I got the food into the oven to heat up, my aunt and uncle arrived around 3ish, and we enjoyed the rest of the day with them.

They left at 8pm, and I was in my new pj's in 3 minutes flat. I couldn't wait to put them on!! So soft, and a pretty raspberry color thermal material. Ahh...the feeling was sublime! I then took my Cricut out of the box, and played around with it for a while. :)