Monday, January 1, 2007

Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was quiet.

I made my sauce, and rolled the meatballs (yuck, if you know me, then you know I hate to touch raw ground beef!! *blech*). The pot of sauce, with all the meat cooked for several hours, and the house smelled amazing. I also made my frozen mocha cheesecake, which was placed into the freezer for Christmas dessert.

The rest of that day, we just sat around and relaxed. I did some scrapbooking, and the kids played on the computers. We watched movies, and just enjoyed being together.

Christmas Day was fun, and quiet, at the same time.

We all got up around 9:30, the kids opened all their gifts. They loved everything they got. I even made out pretty well this year. Nice clothes, and Steve bought me my new favorite perfume - Burberry Brit. :) I wear it pretty exclusively now. (I was quite surprised he bought it for me, since a 3.3oz bottle is $82.)

After opening gifts, we all cleaned up the mess, and took out the trash. Then, we got ready for our company. I got the food into the oven to heat up, my aunt and uncle arrived around 3ish, and we enjoyed the rest of the day with them.

They left at 8pm, and I was in my new pj's in 3 minutes flat. I couldn't wait to put them on!! So soft, and a pretty raspberry color thermal material. Ahh...the feeling was sublime! I then took my Cricut out of the box, and played around with it for a while. :)

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