Monday, January 15, 2007

Other diversions

So, it was a long weekend. Three days off, with Monday as observance of Martin Luther King day. On Saturday, and Sunday, I did nothing at all. Felt pretty miserable. Bad headaches each day, nothing took away the pain, except for sleeping it out mostly on the sofa. I watched tv, and got lucky that there were some pretty good movies on cable.

Sucky though, on the headaches. :(

I have to say, I haven't experienced that kind of pain in a while, probably not since early September or so. So, I'm not sure what's going on. Today, the pain was not bad. Slight headache, but, bearable. I didn't have to sleep it away. So, I cleaned, and did laundry, then logged into WoW. I helped my guildmaster get his dreadsteed mount on his alt. Saved him some gold, and had fun with the guildies.

I wasn't really sure what to do afterwards, but, decided to do some PvP action. Two Arathi Basin runs, and I was bored. Then, I decided to try out Alterac Valley. Gotta say, it's like candy to a baby. I love that battleground. It's a new drug! :) Racked up 2k honor tonight, and am in queue currently for one more run, then it's off to bed.

Tomorrow, after the kids are gone to school, and I'm ready to head out, I'll go pick up my copy of TBC, and then I'm going to work. I'm in no rush to get the game installed. It's gonna be there, all day, all night, and from now on. Besides, I have plans on Wednesday, and if I don't work tomorrow, I'll end up working on Friday, and I have plans for Friday, too. So, the game will wait. More important things to do.

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Mimi said...

You know what simple thing has totally changed my headache frequency? Drinking enough water. Who knew? It turns out I was dehydrated for the first, oh, thirty years of my life.