Friday, January 5, 2007

As usual... know me. I say I'm going to bed early, and then I don't. Well, I was for a while, but, it seems the last two weeks I've been staying up way past the early bedtime.

Tonight, I played WoW. This morning, I logged in for, 15 minutes, and leveled my hunter off to 53, and when I logged out tonight, I was halfway to 54. Quested in EPL, and Winterspring. We (Klaus, and myself) are taking down level 58 beasts in Winterspring. Amazing, I love the Beastmastery spec. The power is great.

Then, I called my brother to let him know about the trip to Florida, and got Dad's phone number in Peru. I'll call him tomorrow. My brother tried to get me to log in horde side and play my rogue, but, yuck. Besides, it was 11pm. I've yet to transfer her, but, now I'm thinking of leaving her there to farm stuff for my Blood elf warlock come xpac time. So, we said goodnight, and I took care of laundry, and then......what day is tomorrow? ~~~~~~>

Friday! Scrapbooking day.

I got my pictures, paper, and *stuff* all together. I'll just do the layouts tomorrow, and then I'll do the titles at home on my Cricut. :)

Me <3 Cricut!

So, now, it's 12:30, and I'm going to crawl into bed. I've got Motrin on board, and a heating pad for my monster wonder I've been excessively swollen and headachy the last week. Between the salt, and PMS..... gotta love being a woman.



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