Sunday, January 14, 2007

Time for a change.

So, my hair has been long, for a long time.

I'm sick of it. Sick, sick, sick. I kept it long for a few years because my ex fiance loved it. Loved the curls, loved to run his fingers through it, loved the smell of my hair.....blah. Well, I don't have a fiance anymore, so, the only one I need to please, is myself. :)

I'm thinking of going short in the hair department.
God, it will be so easy, and such a huge change for me.

The truth is, I'm a bit afraid - yeah. I think the hair is a crutch of some kind. I know that with a good cut, my hair looks really great long. But - ugh - such a pain to color it at this length, and there is so damn much of it. Besides, the hair will grow back if I'm really unhappy......

('ll just take a few years to get to where I am now.) I'm in between wanting to change, and talking myself out of it. Typical. When I go on Wednesday to get my hair cut I'll tell the gal who has been doing my hair for the last 17 years that this is what I'll do, and she'll just laugh, like she always does when I say I want to cut it off (and then don't). But, with the trip to Disney coming up, and the lost weight...maybe it's just time.

I know one person who would have loved mom. She always said my hair looked better short. I know she was right...she was always right, about everything.

So, we'll see...I may be posting a whole new picture of me come mid week. :)

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