Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let's throw a mini break in there.

This week is testing week in our school district.

That shouldn't come as a surprise, as most schools on the east coast are probably having the same thing this week. But, for my daughter, it has become a mini vacation from school. As a senior, her first semester was 'cake'. She had all her final exams in class last week, and, with the exception of a normal full day of school on Monday, the rest of this week, she is off. Joey has three exams this week. One day off with no exams. John, has a full week of school. Sometimes, being the youngest sucks.

So, since there is no school for Jen and her friends today, last night they all decided to go to the movies. No, it wasn't an early movie...the movie started at 9:20pm. Her friend drove.....so, this is how the rules went before she left for anything last night..

"When you get to the theater, call me to let you got there safely." (It was snowing last night, yes, I worry.)

*BIG HUGE SIGH* "Okayyyyyyyy mommmm....."

(then, she asked for money - of course.....the child needs a job, badly)
"You need to get a job ....."
"Yes, mom, I know, mom."

So - they went out at 8:30, and she was home by 12:10.
I have to set a curfew. These are all great kids that she is friends with. They are nice girls, they drive safely....nothing to really worry about, but, I do.

I do worry. But...that's my nature I suppose. /shrug

So, I get to sit here at night, til midnight, waiting up when she goes out.

I asked her what she plans to do this week while she is home. She replied...."sleep".

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