Monday, January 29, 2007

Enjoy what comes your way

My birthday was a really nice day. Not exactly what was planned, but, I can't really complain when I was enjoying a temperature of 102 towards the late afternoon hours.

Anyway, I had started feeling sick on Thursday after work. I got home, and had a flaming hot face, and chills all over. My nose was stuffed and I felt miserable. A few tylenol, and a nap later, I was feeling a bit better.

The temperature dropped overnight, by to 7 degrees for Friday morning. Friday, is scrapbooking day. I probably should have stayed at home, but, I didn't. I took Jen with me to meet up with the gals at the SB store, and we scrapped until 5:30 or so. While there, we walked over to get lunch across the street (9 degrees out). On the way home, Jen and I stopped at the Starbucks drive thru for hot chocolate. She's so much fun now. She can carry on conversations with women the same age as me, or older. It's pretty impressive, to tell ya the truth. :) She also knows how to hold her tongue well when someone is being a bitch. So, that's a really good thing! Friday night, my ear started to hurt like hell. :(

Saturday, my ear was all clogged, and my nose was not cooperating either. Sucky. But, Jen and I had plans for the day. She also had a hair appointment to go to at 2:30. By the time we were home, it was almost dark and close to 5pm. So, by the time Sunday rolled around, I was not doing well at all. I hate being sick, and I have to say, I haven't been sick in quite a while. *knock on wood*

Today, I went to the doctor, and got meds for an inner ear infection. Both antibiotic and pain reliever. The unbearable, almost. But, the clogged feeling is actually gone. I wore a hat out all day, because the wind was torture. He said that I should be good to go by the time we fly, and to take some decongestant about 2 hours before the flight. I hope that all is better by then...flying this way can't be anything good.

So, for my birthday, I got pink tulips, and sweetheart roses. All mixed with baby's breath, and greenery. Really, really pretty. The kids picked out an oreo cookie cake, too. TBC was an early present (from me, for me), and I got cards and other little gifts. The big gift, is the trip to Disney, yay!!

Honestly, the only thing missing on my birthday, was the traditional phone call from my mother singing "Happy Birthday" to me, as soon as I'd say hello...... I know that she was here with me, she always is. I know that she was thinking of me, and saying Happy Birthday in her own way from where she is...but...I missed that phone call.

Enjoy what you have, even if you may think at that very moment, what you have isn't much. Because it's really so much more than someone else may have.


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Mimi said...

Happy Birthday, dear Sirene!