Monday, January 29, 2007

Ice, ice baby....

The winter has been really mild. At least, up until the last two weeks or so.

Last night, it started off with some light drizzly rain, which turned to ice - because it was so cold out. I looked out the window and saw everything was wet - and then 15 minutes later, I looked out, and everything was white - it was snowing!

This morning, when I went out to start the car, I could see that the road was slick with ice....nice..really nice. Here's something about me - I hate driving in snow, on the ice, in the rain. I just do. Precipitation seems to kick in this fear factor for me. Don't ask me why, because I just don't know.

So, anyway, the drive taking the kids to school was slow. It had to be - because there were patches of ice everywhere, even on the main thoroughfare.

I have things to do today, like getting to the doctor. My left ear is so clogged, I can't hear (feels that way, anyway). My nose is so throat hurts. :( Not good. I'm flying this week - gotta get this under control, and fast. HOpefully as fast as it came on.

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