Friday, January 5, 2007


I drove Joey, and John to school today, Jen is home sick. That's not the funny part. I dropped Joey off at school, and made the usual turns to come back home, only to get to the first traffic light, and look in the rearview mirror, and see John wave at me.


I forgot he was there. He was so quiet. His school is back in the opposite direction, past the high school. I had to laugh, because I've never done that before. I guess I was just driving, and the 'routine' of each day was leading me home. Lucky for me, I was able to take the next right turn and bring him to his school.

I asked him, "Why didn't you say anything?". He just looked at me and shrugged. /oh well.


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Mimi said...

Bwahahhaahahhahaa, that's cute.