Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The days fly by

August 4th...amazing. Where have the last 6 weeks gone?
On August 30th, Jennifer, and Joseph, start classes.
Jennifer at SUNY Stony Brook,
and Joseph at SUNY Suffolk Community College.
John will be in 11th grade - getting ready for PSAT's and thinking of college soon.

Soon, the seasons will change. The leaves will become red, gold, and yellow. Glorious colors of the autumn season. Pumpkins will ripen, and be ready for picking, and carving.

While I'm looking forward to the cooler days of autumn, the scent of pumpkin pie, cinnamon apple, and warm brown sugar - I'm not looking forward to a more rigid schedule. The time constraints aren't fun.

But, time goes on....and there are experiences to be had.

On Friday the kids, and I, will be going into the city to explore. We'll go to Chinatown, and Little Italy - wandering the streets - taking in the sounds, and smells. Some of the smells may not be memorable, but, when we walk past a pizzeria, or Ferrara's Bakery and Cafe - you just know some wonderful smell will be wafting out the doorway.

We'll hop back on the subway, and head up to midtown, and Times Square.

Walking with the throngs of people - in the heat. Being hot, and sweaty - but that sights and sounds are wonderful.

I know there are people who think New York City is awful - but we are not those people. There is a heartbeat in the city - maybe it's the pounding of our feet on the pavement - or the constant beeping of car, and taxi horns. I don't know.... I do know, though, that it's an energy unlike any other I've ever experienced.

Sometimes - when I walk along the streets, I think back to the days when I had just graduated high school, and attended John Jay College. I was an 18yo girl in the city that never sleeps. Or, I think back to when I was 20 and working at IBM, on the 35th floor of 590 Madison Avenue.

Days I sometimes miss.
Days that shaped the person I am now.
Days I'd never go back and change.

Those days led me to the days I live now.

My life is wonderful (not perfect). If it were perfect then there wouldn't be anything else I'd ever want to do.

I hope that my children, my young adult children, never regret anything they do, or anything they've done, someday, when they are 44 and looking back.

This life is a gift, no one ever said life would be easy, but, it sure is worth it - even when it's downright hard.