Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Favorite Place

Planting Fields Arboretum - State Historic Park.  Oyster Bay, NY.   

On a bright, warm day at the end of March, we decided, kind of spur of the moment, to jump in the car, and take a drive to the arboretum.   I realized it had been six years since we'd last been there.   Six years.   We used to go so often.   There have been changes - a new visitor/information center was made in the Hay Barn.  There is an actual place to buy food, and beverages.   We used to pack lunches, and take coins for the vending machine.  

It was a great day, a day that I think we all needed.  A day away from TV, and the computer.  Though - there were still iPhones to look at, and texting done.   But, it was in the fresh air, and we were together.


My youngest will be graduating, from high school, in four weeks.

Four weeks.

Just saying typing it, feels weird.    He was just a baby, or so it seems.   Where have these years gone?

I remember saying, quite often, how I couldn't wait for my children to grow up.   How, I couldn't wait to see what they would look like when they were older, when they were teenagers, when they were adults.  

Well - here we are.  They are adults - 22, 20, 18.   

Sometimes, they still look like the babies they were.  I see a glimpse of their younger selves in their eyes, or their mouths, when they smile.   But, I have to be quick, because those moments are fleeting.  

I wanted time to go by too quickly, thinking it would get easier as they got older.  Sure, it did get easier.  Because - they started to go to school.  Because - there were less children to take care of during the day for a few hours when the older one(s) were at school.  Because - suddenly, all three were in school.    Because - it is now 2012, and in a few months, I will have three in college.

I love who they have become.  I love talking to them, or just listening to them talk to me.   I love that they have lives of their own.   There is nothing better than watching your children form likes, and dislikes.  Interests, and realtionships.   I feel so incredibly fortunate to call these three mine.