Sunday, May 27, 2012


My youngest will be graduating, from high school, in four weeks.

Four weeks.

Just saying typing it, feels weird.    He was just a baby, or so it seems.   Where have these years gone?

I remember saying, quite often, how I couldn't wait for my children to grow up.   How, I couldn't wait to see what they would look like when they were older, when they were teenagers, when they were adults.  

Well - here we are.  They are adults - 22, 20, 18.   

Sometimes, they still look like the babies they were.  I see a glimpse of their younger selves in their eyes, or their mouths, when they smile.   But, I have to be quick, because those moments are fleeting.  

I wanted time to go by too quickly, thinking it would get easier as they got older.  Sure, it did get easier.  Because - they started to go to school.  Because - there were less children to take care of during the day for a few hours when the older one(s) were at school.  Because - suddenly, all three were in school.    Because - it is now 2012, and in a few months, I will have three in college.

I love who they have become.  I love talking to them, or just listening to them talk to me.   I love that they have lives of their own.   There is nothing better than watching your children form likes, and dislikes.  Interests, and realtionships.   I feel so incredibly fortunate to call these three mine. 

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