Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not taking time to blog lately.

I've been busy.

Between kids, work, life, scrapbooking with my friends, and playing WoW, not much time for this. Throw in getting ready for vacation, and *trying* to go to bed earlier, there isn't much time for anything extra.

TBC has renewed my interest for the game 200%. I never thought it would happen. Now, I can't even imagine not wanting to play. I am in complete awe of what the developers did with this expansion. The zones, the mobs in game, the rewards, the quests. It is truly amazing. My son sat by my side, and we were ooh'ing, and ahh'ing the whole afternoon, and into the night that very first night in Outlands. I truly have a difficult time deciding which character to play. I want to see, and do it all.

Anyway, let's see...my main on Terenas - Sassenach - is at the halfway mark to 64. I'm just having fun, taking my time, and enjoying the new zone that was added for 58+ in the game. 70 is going to be there for a really long time, and I don't want to rush getting there, though...it goes really fast with all the quests. I've completed so many of them, and upgraded my armor so drastically, it's pretty darn amazing. I've also made quite a bit of gold, between rewards, sell back, and auction house funds coming in. Perhaps I'll be buying a flying mount at 70. :) I have to say, I'm really glad that I didn't get overly involved with all the raiding of MC/AQ/ZG/Ony. Only to see all those pieces replaced with greens within a few short days. Most of my guildmates have discarded their epic loot for the green rewards.

I was bored on Sunday night, so, I started a Draenei Shaman, she's level 7. Maybe not bored, but, rather, needed a little break from the high level stuff. Brekkar started one, too, and caught up to me in level after he logged back in that night. We'll try to keep them in level range to play together. I also have a Blood Elf warlock on Terenas. Both of my brothers are playing there, so it's fun. I have to admit, though, Sass has been tugging on me to keep her busy. She's a blast to play, and quest, and hunt with. I transferred Paislee to Zangamarsh, instead of deleting her. Tulips is still on Terenas, I can't move her, my heart won't let me.

The game really is wonderful. Though.... I have to admit - it's a bit bittersweet with each new zone I ride through.....exploration always used to be so much fun. But, I'm sure that *you* are enjoying the game, too. At least I hope so.

Lot's of busy stuff coming up, though. Birthday weekend coming, and Friday I'll be out with the girls during the day, and I'm sure there are things planned for a fun weekend - so, I don't think I'll play much over those three days. Then, next week will be packing and getting any last minute things together before the trip.

Being busy is good, but, I think I'm in the realm of a little bit *too* busy lately.


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