Sunday, June 24, 2007

Class of 2007!!

Today was my daughter's high school graduation.
It was a beautiful day. Sunny, warm, and the clouds were few. My father, and brother flew up from Florida to attend, which was a great thing.

It's amazing to realize that her days of public school are over, and that she will be going on to college in a very short time. I asked Jen if it felt different, and she said no. She asked me the same question, and the answer really is no, but, I think it will really feel different when she actually is starting her classes at the end of August, when her college goes into session.

That's when reality will hit. That's when it will be real that she has entered the world of adulthood. I wonder, is she prepared? Did we do all that we could to prepare her for the world ahead.
I think so, her father thinks so.
In my heart, I think we did.
I hope so....time will tell - that much is for sure.

Picture 1 - Processional - coming in on the field.
Picture 2 - Her turn receiving her Regents Diploma.
Picture 3 - Moving the tassel from left, to right.
Picture 4 - Picture with Mr. McLeod - her favorite school administrator.
Picture 5 - Jen, with me.
Picture 6 - Jen, with her dad.
Picture 7 - Jen, with her grandfather (my dad).


Mimi said...

Happy Graduation! May her journey take her far!

And, she favors you!

dawn said...

congrats to her, what an achievement :D