Friday, December 22, 2006


Got an email the other night with a 7 day free trial of Lineage 2.

Gotta admit, I played in the beta, and didn't really like the gameplay much, but, the graphics were pretty great. Same thing this time around. I love the graphics, and the sounds, but, the gameplay is lacking. Not sure how people actually pay to play this game.

Fun, though, to run around in a really short skirt that shows off my white lacy thong panties. :oP

I'm also playing the LOTR online beta. Now, this game, I love. I can't say much more about it - NDA ...but, I will say, it's eerily reminiscent of Asheron's Call 2. The sounds, the graphics, the music. I could just run around for hours in this game and not do a single quest. It's that wonderful to me.


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