Friday, December 15, 2006

The best day of the week.... Friday.

Not just because it means that the next two days we can sleep in without the alarm going off at 6am, but, because Friday, is our set scrappin' day. I send the kids off to school, and then come back and get ready for the day. I leave around 10:30, and head over to the scrapbook store to meet my friends. We do scrap one other day of the week, but, since the holidays are upon us, we decided that until after the holidays are over, we will just go on Friday.

It's a great thing. Being able to hang with the girls for a few hours each week. We work on our layouts, chat, bounce ideas off each other, laugh, and enjoy the time we get together. We don't do anything fancy for lunch. We simply walk across the street and get Wendy's (which happens to be the best fast food out there), and then we bring it back to the store and eat. After eating, it's back to our tables for more scrappin'.

Another thing about going to the store on Friday, is shopping. They are always getting in some really amazing product. Today, I escaped with just an $11 purchase. Not so bad. It's not unusual for me to drop some major $$ in there. But, I have enough paper and embellishments at home to open my own store. :P

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