Thursday, December 7, 2006

Holiday work lunch!

I love my job. I work for Hallmark as a Retail Merchandiser. It's a really, really nice job. I make my own hours, and I work whatever days of the week I want to work Holiday time can be crazy. Starting mid-September it picks up. Thanksgiving product comes in, that has to be set, then Christmas/Hanukkah product comes in, and has to be set in November.....Valentine's product is starting to ship now,'s almost non-stop until after Father's Day. But, I still love my job.

Anyway, on Tuesday, I went to our holiday luncheon. So much fun! It was held at Champs Sports Bar and Grill, in Rockville Centre. The management team treats us really well. There were so many gifts set up to be 'raffled' off. The raffle is actually one where you know you'll get a gift, but, it's just a matter of 'which' one. There were enough prize gifts so that everyone got two. I got a cute little bowl with a spread knife - looks like a giant peppermint, and I got a basket filed with holiday party table goods (cups, paper plates, napkins, tablecloth) The food was really good, too. There was lot's of talk, and laughter. The woman that trained me when I was first hired was there, too. She was up in NY visiting, that was a nice surprise.

Another nice thing - we got paid to attend the lunch. Can't beat that at all. Lunch, gifts, paid for the hours at the party. We even got to take some of the product that was discontinued merchandise from stores.

On the way home, I stopped at Macy's in the Sunrise Mall. I'm trying to get a decorative mini bundt pan. I saw one at the Macy's in Roosevelt Field when Steve, and I were shopping there last week, but, I didn't buy it. Now, I'm sorry that I didn't. :( I've been to the two Macy's in the malls close by, and neither have had the bake pan. I guess I'll just have to order it online, or trek back out to Roosevelt Field - though, I hate that mall with a passion.

Live and learn..when you see what you like, buy it right away!

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