Thursday, December 27, 2007

Two days later....

Christmas day was really nice.

We didn't get up til 10am. Well - Joey was up around 6am, but, he watched a movie in his room, and kept peeking out his bedroom door to see if we were awake yet. LOL - I kept hearing the door open, and then close. I mostly dozed for that time, not really a deep sleep. I just wasn't ready to get up yet.

Everyone really liked their gifts. I got so many presents....*sigh* I really wish that Steve wouldn't do that. We had agreed that we both didn't want anything, and that we weren't going to buy anything for each other. I had already gotten a new coat, and proper shoes to wear for work, so that my foot doesn't hurt like heck after standing for hours at a time. He had already gotten a few things that he wanted and/or needed. So we both said, that's it.

But - once I saw that he was buying things for me - I of course felt it was necessary to go out and buy him presents, too. Hence my post the other day about not being able to shop for him, because he was with me, and my cutting a work day short to go shop for him. But, of course, he outdid me :P I can't complain. I got a new wireless keyboard, and mouse. The new Burberry London perfume - I love it!! I got Burberry last year, but, it is a heavier scent, London is lighter - more every day. I also got clothes, and unmentionables, and socks. Oh, and the Martha Stewart rooster cutting board I wanted. I'm going to hang it on the kitchen wall, and not use it at all.

John loved his World of Warcraft figures, and Joey was happy to get Spyro the Dragon 1. We had a great day at my aunt's house. Dinner was really good. She made turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, turnip, and cranberries. Dessert was pastries, and the frozen mocha cheesecake Jen, and I, made.

We ate, and then talked, and talked, and had dessert, then talked more. We finally got home around 10:30, and into pj's we all went. Bed was around 11:15.

What really put a damper on it, was getting up to work on Wednesday morning. But, that's part of my job. I'm just glad that I went on Monday to set V-day at one account, because my largest account took close to six hours on Wednesday - to set the Valentine's product. Today, I did the two small accounts, and that took 5 hours total. But, at least I don't have to work Friday - I'm not sure what we'll do. Maybe stay home, maybe go out. One thing is for certain...I'm not getting out of bed any time before 10am. Well, unless nature calls. ;)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! I can't believe this year is coming to an end. It sure does seem that time flies by so fast, it's like blinking your eyes. I know it's not that fast, but, it sure does feel like it.

Anyway - stay safe, and enjoy your families!

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