Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Stressed out child...

My daughter has 6 days of classes left, and her first semester in college is under the belt. She is stressing out, in a majorly big way. Last night, she was up til past 12:30am, working on her debate write up for class today. Her group was responsible for debating 'Why abortion should be illegal'. This is their final debate for the semester. They got lucky, though, and time ran out, so they'll have to go on Monday.

She has two papers due next week, I believe. Plus, her mathematics final, and whatever other finals her teachers decide to give. I don't ask for specifics. As long as I know she's doing school work, I'm happy. And, as evidenced by the stacks of papers, notebooks, textbooks, and other literature books stacked up on her dresser, and floor - she's doing *a lot* of work.

I even think, perhaps, she's doing more work than she ever imagined she'd be doing....

Her schedule for next semester seems to be more compact, and less spread out. She'll be home by 2:30pm each day - so that is a very, very good thing! But - she does have two history classes thrown in the mix, so it should be another fun ride. Wooohoooo!


I do feel badly for her, that she is so stressed out. But - she's going to have to learn to get better at time management, I think. I also think, that she's going to have to get better at going to bed at a normal time, every single night. She stays up too late. Later than me, most of the time.

(I'm passing out by 11pm 90% of the time. I simply can't stay up. It really does. I was the one that would stay up til 2 or 3 am, doing whatever - scrapbooking, playing WoW, watching movies, reading..... not anymore.)

So - I go in, and give her a kiss goodnight, and go to bed. I have to look at this from the standpoint of - at least she's at home, and not out with friends, driving around, going here, or there. Her friends are great, but, I like that she's at home, safe.

Next Friday night, the 14th, she is going to a Sweet 16 party. Her girlfriend's sister is the birthday girl. We got the dress yesterday - soooooo pretty! I'll take her tomorrow to get fitted for the little bit of alteration that's needed. Steve, and I, are going to take her out on Friday - shopping for shoes, and another new coat.

Yes...another new coat. Because the coat she ordered from American Eagle, is already coming apart after just two weeks. Well, not really coming apart, but, I don't expect the buttons to be falling off a coat the cost $130, after two weeks of use. So, that'll be returned.

Anyway - I think I'm going to get in bed. I have some *more* new scrappin goodies I bought today, on the way home from work. But - I'm just too tired to play with them. :( so, that'll have to wait.


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