Friday, December 7, 2007

We worked...

I had to work yesterday. Jen didn't have class - her professor was finishing up the mini-meetings with her students, and Jen was lucky to have pulled her meeting on Tuesday. So - instead of her sleeping all day, I woke her up at 9:30, and asked if she wanted to come with me for the day. So, she got up, and got ready.

First stop, was Starbucks, for tall hot chocolates! I skipped the peppermint this time. It was sooooooo good, only, I don't think it was hot enough. You know how sometimes, it's so hot you can't even take a chance to let that first little sip hit your mouth? It's as though the steam coming out the little opening is just as hot as the liquid inside. Then, there are times when you lift the cup to your mouth, and just drink. The liquid is warm, not hot. *sigh* That's what I had yesterday. So, while it was *so* good, it wasn't thoroughly satisfying.

Anyway - onto DPA - to head to Sunrise Highway, and my account. We get there, I scan in, and set Jen to straightening the counter. The cards weren't too bad, I must say. But, making it neat is a priority. I went to the stockroom, to pick up my order. Back out on the floor, we set up two corrugates, and loaded them up with the Christmas product. Done, and looking nice - we set to ordering. And then last but not least, I did the Thanksgiving credit, which totalled out without any problems this time. I packed that all up, and left it up front for FedEx.

So - by then, it was 1:45. I really should have done another account - but, we went to get some lunch instead. After lunch, we took a drive to Sayville, so that I could pick up some transfer paper, to make one of John's Christmas presents. We wandered around looking at this, and that. Then, checked out. Everything was on sale. :) Yay!

We wandered around that little Sunvet Mall, I think it's called. Went into the dollar store, and found a few cute Christmas decorations to add to my hutch - they are so cute! Gotta take pics of this stuff someday. After we were done there, we got back on Sunrise to head home. As we passed KMart - I asked Jen if she wanted to go look around, so we did. Bought some of those soft, cozy socks that were on sale, and a spiral lighted tree for outside, with blue lights, and a box of lighted candycanes. Checked out, and got in the car.

By then, it was 4:30, and getting dark fast. So not night vision has gotten so bad. It's just not smart for me to stay out past 4pm, because you never realize just how fast it gets dark - until you're out driving, and have a problem seeing in the dark. But, we made it home safely. :)

So - we worked, for 2 & 1/2 hours. :) I love spending time with my daughter, and it also gave her a chance to relax, and unwind, from all the craziness of the end of the first semester rush.

It's all good.

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