Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Somebody STOP me!!!

I've spent the last 3 hours organizing scrapbooking supplies.

Yeah, right. Tell yourself that, Sirene. :P

I have another several hours worth of organizing to do. Next job, will be to empty out the closet and get rid of the junk in there. I'm going to get a tall bookcase, and put it in the closet for additional space to organize and store my pictures, and magazines/idea books.

I have SO much stuff......I am putting myself on a spending freeze. The only thing I will purchase is adhesive, and solid color cardstock if necessary. I told all three kids to remind me all the time, especially when we are out, that I promised I wouldn't buy anything new to use.

The hardest test, will be when I go scrapbooking with my friends at the store, and I see all the new product, BUT, I have to be good. It's a waste to buy anything new, when I have so very much already.

I'm going to try, though. I have to be good. Really.

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