Thursday, March 15, 2007

Something new

For some reason or another, even with the updated software from the website, my old router stopped working - suddenly, on Tuesday night. I was browsing the web, and the connection was gone. Cable worked on all computers if hooked up directly, but, as soon as the router was introduced, it was gone. I got a new modem from Cablevision on Wednesday, and tried again, nothing once the router was introduced. I was in no mood to go out again last night after making dinner, so the new router waited til today.

Everything is hooked up, and running perfectly now. :) But, while I was at Best Buy, I decided to take a look at the games. I ended up buying a new game to try out. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It looks interesting, the website has some really nice looking screen shots, and the in game mounts look pretty darned cool. So, why not try something new.

I really enjoy playing WoW, but, now it's all about instance running, to get the key for this or that, or raising rep with whatever faction....*sigh*.... I am just not in the mood for that. I haven't even logged in on Sass to 'play' in about two weeks. I've logged in to look at how great the game looks with my new computer, and it looks wonderful. But - if a few days go by with not logging in, I don't even care.

So, after I pick Jen up from work, I'm going to install this game, get it updated if necessary, and give it a try. :)


twisty said...

vanguard eh? lemme know if its fun!


Sirene said...

Hiya T. :)

Vanguard is fun. I like it a lot. It's something different, for sure.

Miss ya bunches, see you soon.