Friday, March 2, 2007

Month of birthday's

March is full of family birthday's.

March 1st - my brother Joe
March 2nd - Steve
March 6th - my son Joey
March 7th - my brother John
March 25th - my son John

Yes, my boys are named Joseph, and John, too. :op

Anyway, today is Steve's birthday. I'm taking him to lunch. We don't do fancy lunches....instead, we'll go to TGI Friday, I think. The food is good, the service where we go is good, and we like the atmosphere. I made cupcakes last night, chocolate, with fluffy white frosting, and, I created little flowers from chocolate fondant to decorate them. Cakes are too big, and get tossed, so the cupcakes work nicely. We'll have those later with the kids. Gotta take pics!

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