Friday, March 2, 2007


I just got off the cell with my daughter. She is all giggles. Right now, she's sitting in the stretch Excursion limo that they are going to be using for the prom, with her girlfriends, and one of the mom's. They went to check out a limo that is *less* money, (woot!!), and from the sounds of the giggles, and laughter - sooooo much cooler, and better than the Hummer stretch.

I got a description of the lights, and the tv, dvd-player, bar, music system, and interior. Best part, is that it's less money, did I mention that? Yes, much less. $2,000 for the prom package. That, is something we can all work with, gladly.


Update - limo is booked. Girls are all excited. Jen got home at 11:30 tonight. On the way back, her friend's mom suggested they get Chinese food since it was late, so they did that. Then, Jen called me at 8:30 to ask if it was okay to stay there and watch a movie, which of course was fine. I was having a hard time staying awake at 11pm. John was playing WoW, Joey on his PS2, and me on the sofa fighting off sleep..haha. I did eventually doze off, but, woke up instantly when I heard the door open. She said that she, and a few of the other gals fell asleep. Her, on the sofa, one friend on the love seat, and others crashed on the floor with pillows and blankets. The mom came up from the basement, and suggested it was time to go home. So, her friend gave her a ride home.

We chatted for a while. She showed me the dress she wants, so we need to go to the mall and hit Macy's Bridal to try it on, and order in her color...hopefully, it will be just that easy.

Tomorrow, we'll go out while the boys are with their dad, and do place is for sure, the scrapbook store. (I didn't get there today, gotta make a visit and check out the new stuff! ) Oh, and we have to pick up the drug screening form for Jen's job. She'll be working retail where I did for 5 years. She's really excited about that.

Anyway, time for bed. I'm tired.

Goodnight! xoxo

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