Sunday, March 18, 2007

I got rid of it, and now, I really want to use it...

Don't you hate that? When you have something that you think you'll never use again, so you get rid of it. Then, any number of months later, you say to yourself, wow, I can use XX just for this, only to search high and low, and not find it....finally realizing...that you probably got rid of it. :(

It, in this case, is an orange tall, tall vase that my mom had given me way back when. The only time I used to use it, was during autumn time. Then, it would get put away the rest of the year. The last two years I haven't used it, though. I haven't even thought about it, until tonight. I had purchased some lovely floral stems at Michaels in the fall. They were cheap...very cheap compared to the prices in the spring time. Now, that I want to put them out, I don't have a tall, tall vase. *sigh* I guess I'll have to go buy one. I really wanted to use that vase...I'm sorry I got rid of it. Kind of stupid..... :(

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