Friday, March 16, 2007


As usual....feeling a little better yesterday, I went to work, and did some errands - including that trip to Best Buy. The temperature, when I left the house in the morning, was 63 degrees, by the time I picked my son up from school at 3pm, it was 42....and by the time I got my daughter from work at 7pm, it was 35.....and pouring rain.

So, today? I can't stop sneezing, my nose is all stuffed, my head is pounding, and my body aches like crazy. Typical. I just called to let Marie know that I would pass on scrapbooking today, and she said with the crappy weather, it was fine, she'd just hang around at home and do stuff. But, we made plans for next Friday.

Maybe I'll install my new game (never got to that last night), and check it out. Or, maybe I'll go back to bed until it's time to get the kids at 2pm..... /shrug & *sigh*

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