Saturday, March 10, 2007

Things are moving along

First, my computer works beautifully. WoW looks amazing, the graphics are so nice now. ;) And, it's so much faster - as far as loading graphics, etc. Much smoother play...very good, very happy.

I finally went to bed around 1am, and woke up today with a terrible sore throat, and headache. My body just aches, nose is all stuffed...cough is starting...getting sick. Kind of wanted to say in and sleep/relax, but, I made plans with Jen to go shopping for her prom dress today, and with her job, her weekends aren't going to be very free soon, so we wanted to get this done. It took me a while to get ready and then we went out. First, we went to one place, but, it smelled so bad...kind of a cross between body odor, and old food...we didn't stick around long....instead, we took a drive to Macy's Bridal.

They had the dress she wanted to try on. It looked so nice on her, and she loved the color they had in store, so we went with that. Since it's a bridesmaid dress, it's special order. And, since the prom is three months away, and these dresses take between 12 - 16 weeks to arrive, we were looking at the added 'rush' charge, just to be safe. There was an extra charge, too, because she's, shall we say, blessed, like her mother, and the bust area required a size, that was $15 more. Alterations will be extra, too. So, her prom dress, so far without alterations, is $315.

Am I pleased with the price, no, not really. But - she can't go into a store and buy off the rack. The styles that we saw off the rack really don't fit her personal style. She's not flashy, she's not skinny....

Besides - she has one prom, she's a great student, a good girl..she deserves to have a night to remember. :) I love my daughter, and want her to be happy, and feel beautiful in her dress, and she will.

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