Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lucky me

After three days of an intense toothache - I went to the dentist. I ended up having a root canal started this morning. Fun stuff. Fun - how your face can be so numb, your tongue can be the same size, yet feel three times it's normal size....words don't sound the same when you speak them. Oh indeedy. :)

But - six hours later, the novocaine has worn off, and I've taken half a Vicodin to help with the pain. Honestly - the pain from the root canal, is nothing compared to the toothache I had for the last few days.

Now I have to wait for the crown to come in, and then they'll complete the work on the tooth.

In the meantime - Joey and I go on Tuesday for a full checkup/cleaning, and Jen and John go on the 30th for their checkup/cleaning.

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