Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another month flies by.

Time goes by too quickly these days. Can you believe it's almost March?

It's been busy as usual. Work, family, life. I am not sure how we manage to fit so much into each day. But, somehow it all works out.

Mid-winter break was last week. The boys were off from school for the week. It was nice to sleep in each day. We looked at the calendar, and realized that since school started in September, there hasn't been a single FULL month of school. March will be the first month of the school year with no days off, aside from weekends. Or - if there are any snow days. I wonder how we'll manage it. *laugh*

I've been scrapbooking a lot! I actually am almost done scrapping one trip - that means I have 6 more to scrap. I think...maybe it's 7. All I know is, I have way too many Disney pictures. :)

We've been playing WoW, still. I actually respecced my druid to boomkin - from feral. I was getting bored, and a little disappointed in raids. So far, I'm really loving the boomkin spec.

More another time - dinner is done!

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