Thursday, August 13, 2009

Surprise! (Sometimes good things do happen, even if the days bring a lot of tears, and sadness)

These last weeks have been so difficult. I alternate between just making it through each day without tears, to days filled with tears. This past Saturday night was terrible. I was washing some things by hand in the sink that are too big for the dishwasher, and I just broke down sobbing. I was crying so hard, I felt physically ill. Ugh, just so awful. I think I scared Joey a bit, but, he hugged me. Then, I calmed down.

I've never felt so lost. I lost the one man in the world who loved me, for me. I'll never have that again. I'll never have someone there, a male someone, who just accepts me for who I am. There have been men who said they loved me, for me, but in the end, when all was said and done, they wanted me to change something....

Anyway, enough of that for this, on to the surprise part.

I took a drive over to Scrapper's Playground today. I wanted to see what was new - because there is always something new coming in! I bought some paper, and then chatted with Dee for a while. I love her, she's so sweet, and kind. It's wonderful to talk to her. All the time. When I was there, Sue, the owner, told me that she would like me to be on the design team for the store, and was I interested?!

Am I interested?! You bet!

I'm so excited, and surprised, too!


And, I got a Cricut Expression on Monday! I've been loving all the fun things it can do. It's amazing how many more options there are on this machine. Now, I just have to get myself organized, and scrap.


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kurt said...

hey... you know... these last couple of weeks have been pretty bad for me too... and it's kinda curious that my problems are somewhat similar to yours. I lost the girl I believed with all my heart I loved... I have tried quite a few things to forget her, but it's difficult. Right now I'm feeling better now but it took some time... I even wrote a 'lil something about it and I believe you might find something in there...

God bless ya