Friday, December 31, 2010

Last night of 2010

I'm such a bad, bad, blogger! I have started so many posts for here, and I usually end up walking away from the computer while I'm in the thought process, and never come back to finish. *sigh*

So much has happened, and yet, it all passed by so quickly. Let's see - Jennifer, and Joseph, both finished up the semester at their respective schools. They both did well, and are so happy to be off until the next semester starts on January 31st. Jennifer changed her major back to history. She'll actually double major with art history as her 2nd.

On October 18th, Joey woke up not feeling well. He complained about a pain in his lower right side. He didn't want to miss his class that morning, so I drove him to the school, and waited for him. Afterwards, we went to the doctor, who then sent us directly over to the hospital for a CAT scan, and blood work. Turned out, he was suffering from acute appendicitis! We had the results from the CAT scan back at 4pm, and by 4:30pm, he was wheeled into the operating room.

Steve met me at the hospital after Jen got home from her classes. We waited for Joey to get out of surgery, ate hospital food (wasn't too bad), and then went to see Joey in the recovery room. As we walked in the doors, he opened his eyes and said "moommmm, I love you mommy" Awwww! then he fell back to sleep for a minute or two, and then opened his eyes and said "dad, heyyy dude I love you". We giggled, and just watched him for a few minutes, as he fell into and out of sleep. We were shooed from the room because shift change was starting, and went to wait in Joey's room downstairs.

Once he finally got to the room ~ around 9pm ~ he was settled in bed, and we got to kiss him, and talk to him a little. He was in and out, but, he was sure to put on the Yankee game that night (it was playoffs). Then, he asked for his cell phone to text a few friends. He would fall asleep in the middle of his messages, and then wake up to finish. I stayed with him in the room overnight because he asked me to stay. At 3am, he woke up to go to the bathroom, and the nurses made him walk the hallway a little. Then, back to bed.

He didn't sleep very well because of the pressure cuffs that were on his legs when he was in bed. They help to prevent blood clots, and boy, were they noisy!! I can only imagine how it felt for him to feel them inflate/deflate, all. night. long. Finally, at 6am, when the surgeon came to check on him, he turned off the machine, and said they could go. That's when we both fell into a deep sleep for about 4 hours. After we woke up, everything else moved pretty quickly. He was brought food, he ate. A few of his friends came to visit. He sat up in the chair, and laughed, chatted, and enjoyed the company. At 2pm, the surgeon came back and said Joey could go home - so we got everything ready, got discharge orders, and were out of there by 2:45, and home by 3:30.

He was home on medical leave from work until after Thanksgiving. Back to classes the week after surgery. Now he's fully healed, and back to his charming self.

All in all, it's been a good year. Complaining doesn't change what's happened, and it doesn't make better things happen. We have to make our own happiness, and the more we complain, the more miserable we can be.

So, here we are - December 31, 2010. I'm ready to say HELLO!! to January, 2011. Tonight I found out that my brother, and sister-in-law, will be moving back to NY!!!! June is the target! We are beyond excited for them to be here again - all the time!!

I guess that's all for now. I really should blog more - but - I get busy, and I'm having a great time with my family, and friends. Maybe 2011 will bring more blog posts. ;)

Happy New Year!!!!! Wishing happiness, joy, and good health to all!

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