Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This boy...

..flew to Orlando on Monday, to begin a great life experience!  He is in the Disney College Program.    He will be living in Orlando, and working at WDW from now, until May 31st.  His adventure began back in early October - when I casually mentioned to him that he should consider it.   At first he said no.  But, then he thought about it, and decided why not.   

Why not became, you've been accepted!   

So, now, he's there.   Living in an apartment with three other guys.  Living away from home for the first time in his 20 years of life.   Today, he learned how to do laundry for the first time.   He, and his roomies, went grocery shopping.   They have been exploring, and enjoying some real freedom - unlike that of living at home.  At home with parents, brothers, and sisters.   

It is such a great opportunity.   A life experience that will change so much for him.    It's a growing-up experience.  Not just for him, but, for me, too.    You have babies, and they grow...they learn, and they change.   Then, before you know it, even if it has been 20+ years - they are adults.   He is the first to leave the nest for longer than just overnight.   I'll tell you, it is so different.    I've sat here many nights, by myself, while all three have been at work, or out.  But, I always knew that they would all be home soon.   Now, there are just two at home.  

It is quiet for the most part.  But, it isn't really the silence that is strange.  It is the sounds that are missing.   His laugh, his voice.   He's a huge Survivor fan, and hopes, someday, to be on the show - so he will sit and watch season DVDs from the show, and I would watch with him.   (I love Rupert!)   But, those sounds are absent right now.   Just for a little while.   Just for the next five months (or so). 

I miss him.   I miss his smile.  I miss his grumpy mood when he doesn't want to be bothered.   I know that I will adjust.   I know that he's adjusting, too.   In The Happiest Place on Earth!     If I had to adjust there, I think I'd be fine.  Yes? No?   Maybe.  

This situation isn't unique to me.  There are many, many parents who send their kids off at a younger age to college.  I have been fortunate to have had him home until 20.  I know I'll get through it.  Like I said - a growing-up experience.   Though, I think he is growing up, and adjusting so much more quickly than me.   But, then again, he's always been that way. 

I have been told, that it is because of my parenting, that he is able to go off and live this experience.   I've given him the self-confidence to feel strong enough to go and live his life.    I would like to believe that to be true.   

Joey - I wish you only the best of luck while you are there.   Have the best time ever.   I love you - Mom.

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