Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's new...

Lot's of activity in the last two weeks.

Jen had a first, and second date....and broke up with the boyfriend the day after their second date. She decided, on her own, that he is too old, that she's not grown up enough right now to date, and it's not fair to her, or to him, for them to date as a couple. She said she needs to grow up, and find out who she is, before she can be someone's girlfriend.

He thinks there is another reason, and keeps texting her asking what the real reason is that she 'pulled the rug out from under his feet'. She told him that she was serious, and he told her it's bullshit, that there is another reason. Does he want her to lie? Does he want her to make something up? Does she have to lie, and say that her parents forbid it? If so, then I'll gladly be her excuse for why, as will her father.

How is it, that a 22 year old guy just can't accept the truth, or even respect that she's admitting, openly, and honestly, that at 17, she's just not grown up enough to be in a relationship? Perhaps he would rather have her tell him lies...maybe that would be easier....

What I want to know is this, what the hell is wrong with these men? Both old and young? That is all.

And, in other news.....

It's really getting warm here now. The sun has been out regularly, it's been really nice, but, the house is hot...can't wait to get that a/c running! I've been so busy with the gardening, trying to get the house prepared for Jen's graduation party. It's a lot of work, and I've enlisted my boys....they hate me :) Today Steve mowed the lawn, and I didn't even have to ask. I went to work early, and came home at noon, and as I drove past the house, I was like "Wow! the grass is cut!"

I informed the kids that on Sunday, after we go to the cemetery to bring flowers to mom for Mother's Day, we're going to Home Depot, or Lowes to buy plants for the front planting beds. "Oh joy!" - I'm excited..they not so much.

Tonight I went with Jen to the school to purchase the prom ticket, and then after that, the kids all got to choose and set up the seating for the tables at prom. Let me tell ya, DRAMA!! I don't remember it being that way when *I* was a senior in high school! Better her, than me, is all I've gotta say.

Hmm....there is probably more, but, I'm tired, and just want to go to bed, so that's all I'm telling ya for tonight.

Sleep tight, and kisses from me, to you!

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