Wednesday, September 12, 2007

For the horde!

I've started playing more, and more horde side lately, on the Terenas server. My new characters are in my old guild, there. My level 60 rogue, Tulips, is not played. I just can't seem to get the feel for melee activity in Outlands. Quite a shame, too....because Twilight's Void is making regular visits to The Eye, Gruul's Lair, and venturing into SSC. They've got Karazhan on farm status, I think, when it comes to guild mains. If I'd level Tulips up - I'd be 70 fairly quickly, and could jump in on alt Kara runs, and whatever else they are doing at that level.....but, nah.

So - I have my Blood Elf warlock. She's two bubbles shy of 27. Then, last night I deleted an alliance side mage I had, and made a Blood Elf mage, with the same name, so that I could be sure I wouldn't lose the name.

Part of me is tempted to delete Tulips, buuuuuuuuut.....she's a 300 skill alchemist, and if I'd level her up slowly, I can still gather herbs, and make potions, and sell stuff on the auction house in game, even if I don't ever do any end game crapola with her.

I've gotta say, that a warlock is, by far, my favorite class to play.

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